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Aniseed Health Benefits

By Pshinde2109 @pshinde2109

Aniseed Health Benefits

Throughout history, people have used Aniseed to treat a variety of ailments, a herb that relieves gas pains and bloating.Aniseed, also called Anise is the fruit or seed from the flowering plant, Pimpinella anisum. Aniseed is native to the eastern Mediterranean region and has been highly valued since ancient times. Sweet and very aromatic, anise can be used in tea, or in baking and cooking, the taste compliments cookies, cakes, and pasta dishes. Aniseed gives the Greek liqueur ouzo it's distinctive licorice taste.

In India, Saunf, anise, anis, anise seed from Spice List, the seeds are often chewed after a meal, both as a digestive and to sweeten the breath.There is only a slight difference between anise seed and fennel seed. Anise seed cums from star anise, fennel comes from fennel, they are totally different.Fennel seed is slightly sweeter and milder.Aniseed is Chote badishep and Aniseeds have a wide range of purposes. Not only is the aniseed spice a vital ingredient for various kinds of recipes but it has relevance in the bakery and confectioneries. Aniseed has numerous purported medicinal properties, mainly as a digestive aid.Anise oil has also been used in treating flatulence and colic in children.The Aniseed used in the form of seeds and essential oil.

Anise "tea" - which can be made from steeping anise leaves in boiling water for about 5-6 minutes, straining out the leaves and adding honey to taste - may be effective for digestion, sore throat and cough.

1.The seeds have also been used to reduce flatulence, cure sleeplessness, aid nursing mothers with the production of milk and to stimulate appetite.

2.A paste made from the seeds may be applied to the forehead, neck or temples to relieve headaches and migraines. A similar paste can be used to treat lice and scabies.

3.Exotic anise spice contains some of the important plants derived chemical compounds that are known to have been anti-oxidant, disease preventing, and health promoting properties.

4.Anise seed oil obtained from extraction of the seeds is found application in many traditional medicines as stomachic, anti-septic, anti-spasmodic, carminative, digestive, expectorant, stimulant and tonic.

5.Anise has aphrodisiac properties that can increase libido. Drinking one glass of water infused with the crushed seeds each night can increase one's sex drive.

6.Gargling with a tea made of the seeds can also provide relief for sore throat, laryngitis or pharyngitis.

7.The spicy seeds are the great source of minerals like calcium, iron, copper, potassium, manganese, zinc and magnesium.

While the seed has many benefits, high doses of the essential oil are toxic due to its narcotic properties.Anise is safe to use in small doses, but ingesting large amounts of the seed can cause convulsions, narcosis, circulatory problems and coma.

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