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Andy Murray – Could 2012 Finally Be His Breakthrough Year?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Andy Murray

Here in Great Britain we have been waiting and waiting for a grand slam tennis champion. Andy Murray from Scotland was born into a fiercely competitive era, possibly the best ever with compatriots Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic all standing in the talented Scot’s way. He is long overdue to produce on the talent he has, and if he is ever going to fulfill his dream of winning a grand slam, then the stars say that in 2012, it is now or never.


AndyMurray natal

Andy was born on 15th May 1987 in Glasgow, Scotland at 14.10 hrs (time from birth certificate quoted by astrologer Joyce Hopewell). This makes Andy a Sun sign Taurean, with a fun Sagittarian Moon and a critical Virgo ascendant. You know, this is a really interesting chart. There is a lot of fire here with 5 planets in fire signs, so there is a lot of get up and go and enthusiasm and with 5 planets in mutable signs, Andy is will be flexible in a tactical sense, able to switch strategies with ease. The combination of Taurean Sun and Sagittarian Moon shows somebody who wants to build a reputation and the Sagittarian Moon wants to have one’s ideas and philosophies respected. I have always held the belief that those with Taurus and Sagittarius prominent tend to mature a little later than others around them. The reason I feel for this is that the nature of Taurus is slow and steady, and Sagittarius is often out enjoying themselves a bit too much, and it takes a while for them to get their head around what they have to do to be successful. I feel the very much the same about Andy.

The Sun in Taurus, which is possessive, a bit stubborn, very down to earth and fond of acquiring possessions for a comfortable lifestyle is conjunct to Mercury in Gemini. Despite his rather dour persona, due to a quindecile between Mercury and Saturn and a square between the ascendant and Saturn which makes him appear far more serious than he actually is, Andy will be a chatty individual with a childlike sense of humor. Mercury in Gemini is always on the go and communication and being informed is very important to him. Mercury is closely conjunct to the Gemini Midheaven, and this leads me to think that Andy could go into journalism after his tennis career has finished. The Sun makes a quindecile to Pluto in the third house, which shows a burning need to be someone important and of stature. Pluto here shows a guy who has very powerful views, and when Andy speaks, people will listen. Pluto brings an inquiring mind, looking and thinking at a deep psychological level. Using this Pluto, Andy can out think and out psyche opponents before they step on and off the court if he fully used the powers at his disposal.

The main thrust of the chart is a powerful opposition, formed into a wedge formation. We have Mars in Gemini in the 10th house opposed by Saturn, Moon and Uranus in fiery Sagittarius in the 4th house. This opposition is made into a wedge by Jupiter and Venus in Aries in the 8th. Mars in the 10th house of work and ambition indicates athletic pursuits and someone who wants to get to the top of their profession. Mars in Cancer is not overly aggressive in fact it works better in a defensive mode, except when ones family is threatened and maybe this is one of the criticisms that is fairly levelled at Andy. Perhaps he could be more aggressive in his game, but that would be going against the very nature of his chart. His natural style is far more a counter attacking one. Opposing this Mars is a powerful triple conjunction. This is where it gets interesting. The Moon in the 4th house indicates a real close bond to the mother, however Saturn and Uranus in conjunction to the Moon and Mars opposite is very strict, unpredictable and even aggressive. I am of the view that the influence of his mother Judy who follows him everywhere he plays is a potentially disruptive influence on him. The planets say he has a strained relationship with her at the very least and if she were to leave him to his own devices he may benefit greatly. Saturn is retrograde and this indicates the lack of the love of a father. Again on this chart we the Sun almost isolated from the main body of the chart where we find the Moon. So often this indicates a broken family, and we know that Andy’s parents split when he was 9 years of age. This accentuates the bond between mother and son, but where is the point where that same relationship can inhibit one’s ambition?

Moving back to the triple conjunction, Saturn/Moon shows restricted emotion and Moon/Uranus shows and unpredictable feelings. It is almost if some days Andy will be serious and his head will be screwed on the right way, some days he will be in a cranky bizarre mood, and on others he will be almost uninterested. Mars opposed to Saturn shows a willingness to work and train hard and Mars/Uranus shows electric amounts of drive and energy. In truth it would need a very understanding person to be able to coach him, and he must be a nightmare to play against, just because of his unpredictable nature. The talent is there in spades with Uranus in the mix combined with a technical Virgo ascendant which brings an ability to be pin point perfect, but it can come out sporadically and in an uneven way.

Venus and Jupiter in Aries is really big hearted and generous to the hilt, and Andy will be attracted to potential partners in a very deep and intense way. Venus in Aries loves the chase but sometimes doesn’t have the staying power of other signs. You often find those with Venus in Aries go through many relationships in their lives. A trine between Venus and Saturn does bring some stability to Andy’s emotional life and a sextile between Mars and Venus is warmly romantic and loving. Jupiter makes trines to the Moon and Saturn bringing some common sense and an understanding and forgiving nature.

Finally I look at Neptune which sits in the 4th house apart from the three other planets. Andy will appreciate some peace and quiet from time to time although he may not get so much of that at home as the other planets here in the 4th house are so disruptive. He is likely to lead a transitory life even once he finishes playing, moving from place to place to place, leading me to think that he will be following the tennis tour imparting his knowledge to others long after he has stopped playing.

AndyMurray transits

Now in the title of this article I indicated that 2012 could be the year for Andy to hit the heights he has wanted to for so long. Why is this? Well the best indications are given by transiting Jupiter. In the summer of 2012, just when the Wimbledon championships finish, transiting Jupiter and Venus will be conjunct his Midheaven (see above). Here are the two most fortunate planets in the zodiac in conjunction at the pinnacle of his chart, the place where ones public image is shown. During the year up to July 2012, Jupiter will be moving through the international 9th house, showing fortune coming his way on his travels. In the first week of July, transiting Uranus will conjunct his North Node, sextile to transiting Jupiter and to his natal Midheaven bringing him lucky breaks when he needs it. If ever he is going to have a chance to win the biggest tournament in the world at Wimbledon, the one Britain wants him to win, then this year has got to be his best chance so far. The only problem for Andy is that Roger Federer has a very similar ascendant to Andy at 11 Virgo, and Jupiter and Venus will be just as close to his Gemini Midheaven as it will be to Andy’s. I could be that the victor between these two will eventually take the Wimbledon crown.

AndyMurray Ivan Lendl

On the bonus side for Andy, Ivan Lendl is a great choice as his new coach. His Sun sits in Murrays 7th house and opposes Andy’s ascendant and Ivan’s North Node/South Node axis squares Andy’s Mars and Saturn Moon and Uranus. Lendl’s Mars sits in Andy’s 5th house trine to his Midheaven, so Andy will appreciate Lendl’s talent and will to win as well as Ivan’s take on things. He will provide an opposite point of view while keeping in sync with Andy’s unusual style. Just what he needs in his corner me thinks.

I have also looked at the Australian final date (29th Jan 12) coming up in a few days time. As I see it looking at all the aspects, all the 4 top players in the world (Djokovic, Nadal, Federer and Murray) have a decent chance, and quite frankly you could flip a coin to find the winner. I slightly favour a Federer versus Djokovic final, with Djokovic just coming out on top due to a trine from his Pluto to his Midheaven and Jupiter closing in on a conjunction with the top of his chart too. As Jupiter exits Taurus and heads towards Gemini, I expect his amazing winning streak which lasted through 2011 to start to slowly fade away. Federer should have a good year with Jupiter moving through his 9th house and Nadal could have a difficult 2012 with Saturn stationed in his 12th house for most of the year. Into 2013 Saturn will conjunct his natal Pluto and then his ascendant entering his 1st. This indicates having to make a new start and a quieter part of his life will ensue. Maybe injuries will catch up with him? Out of the 4, I expect Nadal to struggle the most as 2012 progresses.

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