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And the DIY Begins

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
Now that Christmas is over, the decorations are coming down and it's time to being thinking about making my new house a home. I've had all kinds of design ideas, but making those come to fruition is a bit overwhelming. I'm having a hard time visualizing a finished room, and really, even just choosing paint colors. One tip that a lady from work suggested was to go ahead and get my fabrics, then I can decide on my paint/room decor later. Thank goodness I listened because what I had envisioned is a lot different than the fabric I got. 
My mother is law is super crafty, and she knows how to make all kinds of things, so she went with me to buy the fabric for my pillows. I got fabric to make pillows since buying pillows seems to be expensive. Here are the fabrics I've chosen for my pillows
Two 18 x 18 pillows in this - 
And the DIY begins
2 14 x 14 in this
And the DIY beginsit's actually more orange than this picture shows 

1 12 x 16 in this - 
And the DIY begins
I'm not sure what paint color I will choose. I may do a green, or I was even thinking it might be neat to use that wallpaper that has a linen look to it. You can tell the room downstairs used to be wood paneling that they painted over, so I don't know if it'd be better to do wall paper vs paint. 
In my yoga room, I have nothing but two pillows. I got some fabric to cover those as well -
And the DIY begins
And the DIY begins
Again, I don't know what color I'm going to do for that room, but I have lots of thoughts about it. I also need to just get some furniture for that room, but it's a beginning. And I bought enough fabric for 7 pillows, 3 form pillows and a headband for $60!!! 
I start sewing Wednesday!

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