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An Ode to "Women"

By Philamazan @philamazan
Okay,here's a little secret about me-I've been writing poems since 6th grade,I always found writing therapeutic .But then i joined Med school and i gave up any other extra -curricular activities.
I wrote this poem as a Voice against Female Infanticide and Dowry.I hope that my lovely readers will appreciate it.

AN ODE TO "Women"

Unwritten in a long time,no words, no line.A world of competition,of hate and corruption.A fragile flower is she,left in the hands of mercy.
Standing weak and broken,beaten and trodden.Her amber eyes pleading,for the touch of healing,for the embrace of love,Will it be send from above??
Pain and labor she bored,Misery of girlhood and now of motherhood.Shivering yet unfaltering.still you label her "whorE"!!!Abused for no fault of hers,Killed just because she is a girl,
Are you happy now to see her gone??the HATE you gave for the LOVE she longed,the agony she was subjected to,just because she refuses to leave,True to her heart and to her God.Inspite of all the torment,she sticks by you,Just to be called your wife your companion...and to die still with your surname attached...THATS WOMEN!!!! (My entry for Indus Ladies 4th Annual international women's day Blog Contest)You can go HERE to read more about it.

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