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An Example of a Rarely Seen Species Caught in a Spotlight

By Davidduff

Yes indeed, this is a rare sight, an example of Apparatchika Nausea caught and dragged reluctantly into the daylight.  Normally, of course, they can only be glimpsed lurking in the darker corners of government offices.  This particular specimen, Dissimulator Maximus - or, lying liar, to you or me - is Ms. Lois Lerner, late of the Internal Revenue Service who spent the last couple of years acting like the KGB as she set about using the massive powers of the IRS to attack, pressure and scare political opponents of the un-Democrat party and their sainted president.


An example of a rarely seen species caught in a spotlight


Yesterday, in a riveting news sequence on Fox News (yes, it's true, I don't have much of a social life!) she sat, lips clamped shut, before a Congressional committee who wanted to know, in effect, why, as she had known of this totalitarian behavior for a year or more and had been inundated with questions from worried Congressmen, had she failed to do her sworn duty and tell them?  She responded in exactly the same way as sundry other other 'rats' have done through American history - she pleaded the Fifth.  Except, of course, being a bureaucratic rat she wasn't too bright and instead of just clamming up and pleading the Fifth she insisted on prefacing it with a sanctimonious statement which various legal experts said later had rendered her plea null and void.  I think we will be seeing more, much more, of Ms. Lerner but the next photo I want to see of her is the one where she's holding a board with numbers on it in front of her chest as she stares grim-faced into a police camera.  Faced with that prospect, I wonder how loyal she will stay to the un-Democrat party?

 (NB: I see a long list of Comments to which I should respond but, alas, it's Churchyard grass-cutting time and they say bad weather is on the way - so no change there then - and so I must seize the moment.  Back later.)


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