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Amanda Bynes: SHE"S BACK!

Posted on the 24 July 2015 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Amanda Bynes: SHEYeah, another slow day for Hear Say as we find out Amanda Bynes has made an appearance, two years to the day since we reported she was hospitalized and since the weird white girl gone BlacChyna piercings, request for Drake to 'murder' her vagina, and Twitter sexting she was doing with Waka Flocka that made him wanna sign her to a rap contract... 2013 was a great year (wipes away a tear)..
She looks NOTHING like she looked since she became in intricate part of our 'back to school special' movie experiences via silver screen and television. She actually looks like she is 'coping' and heavily medicated. But, I guess.. I can't tell you guys if shes been tweeting because I think she was in fact one of the first celebs to block me. Hey, touche' sweetie; I'd be the first to admit Amanda Bynes' crash & burn got me some of my best blog hits. Anyway, while everyone is standing around gawking and snapping pictures. All I want to know is when she is getting back to work. Some of the BEST actresses in the industry did some of their best work coming up off 'exhaustion'.. MHMM... Anyway Amanda, we wish you the best, and hope to see you get back to what you do best!

Amanda Bynes: SHE

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