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Almost Speechless Sunday

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

Taken from another Sunday a couple of weeks ago this post is going up directly from bed, but I'll have to get ready in a bit because we're leaving AGAIN this time spending a clan afternoon together to remember my late Lolo's birthday. This week was a whirlwind one transportation wise...a lot of going to and fro and frankly, it can be mentally tiring and disorienting going back and forth(I won't say physically because I'm comfortably transported at all times) especially choosing what bags and things to take with you because you're posted at both ends you practically need to take half your life with you to get a lot done because of the traffic.


I almost got sick but swiftly slept on it with a paracetamol so that didn't happen, thankfully. I've had to have my head down on some errands. I've hardly had two minutes together because of this week to sit with my beloved BIR tax receipts on excel...that seems endless. I've hardly even checked blogs and vlogs I normally read because I just couldn't give up the time. Mindset shaken and stirred I still wanted to give you guys a glimpse from the South today of Mom doing her thing at home when she has time to do it, who thought fresh labuyo chili could make such a nice arrangement? And yes, she wears white even at home. I'll be back on the beauty bum soon with a new video for you if all goes well. Come to think of it I haven't even worked out this week since last Saturday's spinning session at Saddle Row...does choosing to walk 4 blocks at noon instead of taking Uber in Fort and Alabang count? Ugh.

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