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ALL the Parties

By Fitnessmeetsfrosting @fitnessfrosting

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! You guys are the best! I can’t wait to have some down time this weekend and catch up on all your blogs! I’ve missed so much!

I didn’t get to tell you guys about this, but back in November when my sister was home for Thanksgiving break, I threw her a surprise 21st birthday party!

Annie Surprise 21st Bday 3

She turned 21 the Saturday before she came home, so I told her I was going to take her to dinner and to get a drink. I had her close high school friends (and Kyle + his siblings) hide at the restaurant before we arrived. Actually, my parents were there too just to see her shocked face, and then they left because that would be weird.

Annie Surprise 21st Bday 2

So much fun to surprise her, but we both learned that we are allergic to tequila (just going to leave it at that)…we really are related ;)

That same weekend, Kyle and I cut down our first Christmas tree together!! One of the awesome things about THIS holiday season is that we are having so many firsts! The first time Kyle wanted to saw off my head, followed by our first make-up ;)

first christmas tree
first christmas tree

Here is our tree in our new living room. Please ignore all the painters’ tape and primer ;)

first christmas tree

BTW I named him Liam Neeson because I thought he was Taken. ba dum tsss. (we left our tree for a minute to go look at another tree, and when we were returning to go back to Liam I couldn’t see him)

I just love coming home every day and immediately turning on those lights. We’ll decorate it this weekend (have to collect all our ornaments from our parents’!).

Something that got me even MORE excited for the holidays was my company holiday party this past weekend! It was a masquerade ball theme (masks weren’t mandatory but encouraged) and held at a vineyard! They had tons of food, magicians, a photo booth, dancing, and a casino area.

ALL the Parties

The location- photo was taken from their website cause I think I would have pissed off the valet if I stopped all the cars “to take a photo for my blog”

Here we are in one of the halls at the start of the party!

holiday party


And one of the photobooth photos :)

holiday party

I didn’t actually take that many photos there because we were too busy chatting with friends and playing blackjack ;) but it was a fun night!

After that, Kyle and I drove to my BFF Shanna’s house for her holiday party (don’t worry, I was the incredibly sober driver- my superhero name? I had no interest in alcohol after tequila went in and out of the same end). We didn’t want to stay long because I went to bed at 5AM because of finals (and then got up at 8AM). We stayed just long enough to say hi to everyone, give Shanna her Christmas present (I’m taking her to Cirque du Soleil!), and to take this awesome photo.

shanna holiday party

{Instagram} If you can’t read Kyle’s frame, it says, “Go home you’re drunk.” Which he was ;)

PS stay tuned for my super easy chocolate covered banana protein microwave muffin recipe. Super easy, gluten free, and yummy!

chocolate covered banana microwave muffin

Have you ever thrown a surprise party or received one? I’ve done/had both :)

Do you cut your own tree?

Do you get a holiday party at work? Kyle’s is lame and they throw it during regular business hours and don’t invite family. Boo.

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