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All for Christmas

By Myfilmproject09

Well, sorry for being so long. Transferring from XP to much faster with other things that make me crazy  with computers. 

And Christmas also comes to that nice season where everything is pure and nice.

Well, almost nice.

Well, some of you might have read my pre- Christmas story of which I'll tell you how to write a Christmas story in June and how it was never paid. My Christmas Story was written early around 2010. I had a few people who liked it but haven't made any deals. The script went to Hallmark and they kept it as far as I knew. 

Then a lovely lady found the screenplay amongst the other Christmas stories and she loved it. Well, sort of, she loved the lovely girl in the lovely screenplay. So it was taken for consideration. 

The screenplay was possibly going to get made. I didn't really think it would have been made so I wasn't really hopeful. Several months passed by and nothing happened. 

Until ---

A friend of mine was in Toronto for the film festival and happened to meet a producer friend of his who had several Christmas movies from Hallmark. So my friend knew I had a script somewhere around Christmas and asked him if my story was one of his?

The producer said that it was made.

So, now, what did my friend mention to me in L.A. that my Christmas movie was not only filmed and it's being sold here.

And I did not know it was made.

Then I had to talk with the producer and other people and took two weeks to finally get paid. There it took several people who were struggling to figure out why I wasn't paid.

I actually have a good piece of work explaining how I got my money. I'm trying to find that piece of work and bring it out again.

Found it.

Go to:  Monday, April 17 2017

 (Where you can see how my screenplay payment took all of 2 wks.)

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