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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – A Young Woman Who Will Not Be Held Back...

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – A young woman who will not be held back...

The youngest and most controversial member of the House of Representatives in Washington DC has a fascinating astrology chart for sure, and in a post last week I mentioned that I would look at her. She is a Sun Libran (born 13th Oct 1989 at 11.50am in the Bronx), her birth time confirmed in the last week by herself through Astrologer Arthur Lipp-Bonewits.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – A young woman who will not be held back...

Her Libran Sun sits next to Mars in a powerful 10th house conjunction, one that is utterly focused on ambition, justice and getting on ahead with her career ambitions in a hurry. In this she will not be held back, and this is augmented by a fiery Moon in Aries. Quick to make her views known in public, quick to show her emotions, quick to act before maybe it is wise to do so, this is a young woman in a serious hurry to get to the top - it's something that she just needs to do.

That Moon is in the 3rd house of self-promotion, and she will not be shy to put forward and advertise her ideas, thoughts and personal qualities. Libra is the most socialist of signs looking for the middle ground and wanting equality, and her Libran Sun is combined with a worldly wise Sagittarian Ascendant that is open, experimental and willing to take a risk. There is a desire for the truth here too, the brutal unreserved truth, and she will broadcast it as she sees it without recourse or hindrance. In this she will be controversial for sure, and will she care if she upsets people? Not a chance of that.

Mars in Libra is up for a fight if needs be and yes there is a desire to be fair and just with this position, but on your terms!! Mars in Libra people can be quick to judge and accuse, and that diplomatic streak so often associated with Libra can go suddenly missing. Ultimately though, this is a cardinal position and cardinal people are the movers and shakers in this world that get things going. Alexandria has no less than 9 of her planets in cardinal signs, and so she will be at the forefront to this rush to start something new and fresh.

Her chart is dominates by a hugely powerful Cardinal Cross linking up 7 of the planets on the chart - the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron. Three of those Saturn, Uranus and Neptune sit together in an influential 1st house stellium. This conjunction was operative as the Iron Curtain over Eastern Europe fell, as administrations (Saturn) were rocked by revolution and rebellion (Uranus) fuelled by a collective dream (Neptune) for freedom and self-determination. She encompasses this spirit for collective (Neptune) government (Saturn) and she will rebel and shock (Uranus) to achieve her aims. Neptune and Saturn together are no respector of the rules, and she will want to rip up the establishment (Uranus/Saturn) in her quest to get to the top (Sun/Mars in 10th).

There is a focus here in her chart on the underprivileged, and the weak in society (Neptune/Uranus) and administrating for these people (Saturn). The problem with socialism has always been that once these people get into power, the Neptunian desire for corruption and for hiding one's real desires get them into trouble - the sacrifices that Neptune encourages are often usurped by personal greed and what one can achieve when one gains power. It's true that despite their generally honourable aims, socialists (Neptune) tend to cause chaos as they see and accept no limits, and the the conservatives (Saturn) then have to assert stringent rules and austere conditions to clean up the mess. It will always be so. Yes Alexandria will be on the left of politics, and this attitudes will permeate through her ideas (Mercury), her emotions (Moon) and her beliefs (Jupiter) hitting all four corners of this cardinal cross in her chart.

There is a fair minded side to her with Mercury in Libra, and her need to learn far and wide will be extensive with this planet in the house of knowledge and wisdom, the 9th. She will dream of travel, and be strong to her beliefs, well read and intelligent. The need to write or broadcast in the future may come from Mercury being in conjunction with her Libran Midheaven. Jupiter in Cancer is a lovely position, this is warm-hearted and generous to the hilt to partners and those with whom she is in a relationship. There is a love of family, her home and her nation too, but this love is not insular, no there is an outward desire to see her nation grow, thrive and be a part of the worldwide community, so in dispute with the current policy of the Trump Administration that is nationalist and protectionist - she is quite the opposite.

There is also a love of history here (Moon opposite Mercury), of learning from the past and being optimistic for the future. Chiron with Jupiter suggests that she may be hurt in some way for the beliefs that she espouses and the diversity that she represents, and this may be one way that her opponents (Jupiter/Chiron in 7th house - Jupiter rules Ascendant) may get at her personally, and hit a nerve within her.

Alexandria has a playful Venus in Sagittarius however it is hidden in the 12th house, therefore she may keep her relationships in the background as her career takes priority. Pluto in her 11th house indicates few but powerful and influential friends, and she may be a transformer of a party or group, being a leading yet divisive voice amongst her peers. Pluto in the 11th shows an obsession for love being shown to her, and if this isn't forthcoming then she may become bitter and rather twisted as a result. She can be a true leader in one sense, however she may engender much jealousy and even hatred if she fails to compromise. That Pluto makes a trine to Jupiter and that is often a signature of someone who will make a ton of money and garner wide international influence and power.

If you ever want a true clue of someone's life and get to the heart and soul of an individual, then you turn to the Nodes, and there you get the real story. Her North Node sits in Aquarius in her 2nd house, and so her quest is to be a radical, an independent and to fight for the values of the many, rather than for the individual. On a personal level, she will be stubborn, step on people's toes, and she will be best advised to look after her own situation and to keep her business separate, rather than focusing on that of others and combining her efforts and resources with someone else, as that may eventually lead to problems. I don't think that she would thrive in a situation where she would have to rely on other people, on their ideas and their way of doing things, and despite Aquarius' need for working within a group situation she may be disillusioned if she can't assert her ideas and her plans through to fruition. Nevertheless, she will be a networker, savvy with new ways of doing things and sceptical of anything that cannot be proven to her. She is and will be a progressive force to be reckoned with, and I think that she will have considerable success, so long as she can hold back and control the more impulsive side to her character...

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