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Alaska: A Deeply Romantic Yet Neglected Wedding Destination

By David @Topweddingwall

Anyone who has seen the movie “The Proposal” will be awed by the breath striking images presented by the Alaskan scenery that’s rendered even more romantic by the constant preparations for an upcoming wedding. Weirdly enough though, whenever anyone mentions a destination wedding, the initial images that springs to mind are quite far from the freezing Alaskan surfaces. Palm beaches, turquoise seas or even a lush green vineyard are usually the favorite locations for a destination wedding.

Alaskan wedding collage

If you want to be different, though, an Alaskan wedding can be quite a deeply romantic location to fly your guests to. Of course, given the colder-than-average climate, you do have quite a few arrangements to do in order to render your location even more comfortable.So, read on to familiarize yourself with a few aspects to take into consideration for your special destination wedding.

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Okay, let’s face it: you do want to be different, but you don’t want to be drastic either. There’s absolutely no reason why you should fly your guests to Alaska during winter. That will only dampen your special day and you might even find yourself lacking quite a fair amount of guests! So, it’s best to go during warmer months, where you will still be able to enjoy the white Alaskan scenery, but without the freezing cold.

Alaskan destination wedding

If you want to borrow a leaf out of Sandra Bullock’s wedding in “The Proposal”, getting married in a barn in Alaska will certainly add a special touch to your wedding day. Of course, you can very easily get married in a church, chapel or hotel, but don’t hesitate to push the boundaries and be different as well: retreats, lodges, roadhouses or even lakesides are wonderful places that will let you enjoy the stunning Alaskan scenery.
Couples can also run a few online searches to find some companies that provide full Alaskan wedding packages, complete with location and catering.

Bridal party in Alaska

Bear in mind that this is Alaska that we’re talking about: strapless dresses are quite striking, but, if you’re getting married in the great outdoors, you may find yourself being completely frozen to the ground even before you walk down the aisle. Fashion-conscious brides shouldn’t worry though. There are quite a few ways to warm up your outfit without going for a drab, old-fashioned gown. If you do want a strapless gown, don’t hesitate to opt for a thick, faux fur shrug that will keep your shoulders warm during the ceremony. Don’t neglect your feet as well: ankle boots are other trendy options that will help you look stylish while keeping you warm on your special destination wedding day.

Bride wearing boots for Alaskan destination wedding
Bride wearing faux fur shoulder shrug

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