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Affordable Designer Sunglasses | Prive Revaux Review

By Bria

prive revaux sunglasses review

">  prive revaux sunglasses review

prive revaux sunglass review

 prive revaux sunglass review

I like Sunglasses, they provide great shelter from having eye contact with strangers. A great fashion tool for the super introverted and socially anxious. As a child I greatly connected with the boy from Big Daddy (1999) and the protections from social interaction he felt from wearing sunglasses. 

Are we ready to discuss

amazingly affordable designer glasses?

I've had these Prive Revaux for a year now, the company has only been in existence for as long but they made a big splash with their trendy designs but super affordable prices. These are not like cheap sunglasses from Claires they are well made and made to last. I've not a scratch, or broken hinge on either of the sunglasses I purchased.

I bought the styles "The Nasty Woman," which is the slightly more feminine style with the silver dot accents. The style worn in todays photos are called "The Madam," they have a more structured vibe. I don't know what style this shape is generally called on the site they said cat-eye, whatever the name I feel like it is a pretty flattering style on my round face. I really like the quality of these frames and highly recommend you give them a try. Not only are they super inexpensive they are sold on amazon with a great return policy so don't be afraid to do what I did order a decent variety to see which ones you actually like on your face and return the ones that didn't work or give them to family members.

 sunglasses for round face

Prive Revaux "The Madam"

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