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Adele – A New Contract and Added Responsibilities

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Adele – A new contract and added responsibilities

Back in 2011 I looked at the natal chart of Adele Adkins. Since then in a biography a birth time for her was quoted and on the back of the announcement that she had just signed a new £90 million ($130 million) contract, I have revisited her natal chart and the birth time seems to check out quite well. In the 6+ years since I initially looked at her horoscope she has blossomed into one of the world's biggest artists.

Adele – A new contract and added responsibilities

Adele Adkins was born in Tottenham, North London on 5th May 1988 at 03.02am ( as quoted in her biography. I have to admit to showing a bit of interest in her, as Tottenham was where my mother was born and lived too, so I have a personal connection to the part of London that she grew up in.

Her chart has always shown the hallmarks of a girl destined to go to the very top in the music industry. Adele is a Sun sign Taurus conjunct Jupiter and many times on this blog I have mentioned that Taurus is the more musical and rhythmical sign of them all, traditionally associated with ruling the throat and the voice, and boy does she have a voice!! Adele's Sun and Jupiter, a lucky combination is conjunct to the fixed star Menkar and opposite to Pluto in it's own house of Scorpio. Menkar as I explained on the blog and my Facebook Page is a troubled and chaotic star that connects to the collective and the masses. It can promise fame and fortune and certainly she does connect with people in a way that few other female artists do these days. This opposition contributes a deep intensity and control to her personality, a sense of power and strength, and for sure people will not ignore her. This opposition is also a money making aspect, I have see so many charts of millionaires who have tension aspects (squares or oppositions) between Pluto and Jupiter and this one sees Jupiter and the Sun in Adele's 2nd house of finances and personal income. This money making acumen is connected to a larger than life personality that crosses oceans and seas, she was always going to have a great chance of earning well internationally.

If you look at the chart this opposition forms a wedge formation with sextiles and trines to Neptune in Capricorn, the planet which rules music in another musical sign. This is where the energy and the talent gravitates to, and because Neptune is in administrative Capricorn conjunct Saturn also in it's home sign and also sextile Pluto, it suggests that Adele will want to have control over her output, and as a true artist she writes her music and lyrics herself. Writing is where all the real money is made in the music industry and where is her Mercury, the planet ruling writing, communication and the mind? In the natural home of Mercury, in Gemini in her 3rd house of communication and sitting unaspected. An unaspected Mercury can show brilliance and also an almost an almost an absolute need to communicate. Now Adele is notoriously secretive and that comes because of the Sun Pluto opposition in her chart keeping things underground, and I suspect underneath her skin and in her brain is a powerhouse of emotion. The way the messages that she wishes to share comes out is through her writing and her music. Mercury is also conjunct to a well known star, Alcyone in the Pleiades. This conjunction brings a brilliant and insightful thought process but she will be someone who also struggles with the darker side of life, in particular at home and in her permanent relationships.

Venus, the planet of relationships is in communicative Gemini too quindecile (165 degrees) to her Neptune. Here is a very intense flow of energy between social, creative Venus and musical Neptune. Notably, a lot of her songs from all her albums "19, 21 & 25" are based around relationships, her writing (Gemini) about this subject will border on an obsession. There is a softness and nuance in this aspect, one filled with suffering and sadness, of love and of dreams. Here is the rose tinted view of a hopelessly romantic soul looking for idealism and perfection, but one who falls in love before she realises the painful truth.

Neptune is in a wide conjunction to a heavyweight collection of planets, the Moon, Saturn and Uranus. The Moon in Sagittarius is an outgoing Moon open to philosophies and beliefs, it is a fun loving Moon too. She will have a wide circle of friends and associations both local and international who will push her in new directions and her emotions will be open to all types of new and interesting experiences and influences as well. That Moon in Sagittarius her 10th house brings an emotional and wistful ownership of her work and career, what she does in a profession vein comes from straight from her heart. The Moon is in connection with Uranus, the rebel planet, the lover of new exciting offbeat styles and fashions and here is an inspiration to experiment. Her work will always be current, something the great artists seem to achieve, keeping it fresh and relevant although also it is soft and emotional too tied in with the Lunar influence. There will always be a downbeat serious side to her songs with Saturn, in between Neptune and the Moon/Uranus combination. Her own description of her own music as "heartbroken soul" with this combination of planets seems so appropriate, doesn't it? Venus also you will notice sits next to Chiron the planet of wounding and healing, both in the 4th house of family in her chart. Here is another indication of relationships that cause pain and angst, quite possibly when she was much younger and in her home environment, and it's known that her parents split leaving her mother to bring up Adele as a single mum. I'm not so sure that they got on either, this conjunction in the house of the mother is one of deep wounds and scarring.

The only other planet I have not looked at is Mars. Sitting square the Sun and Jupiter, she will have a lot of drive and energy at her disposal and a positive attitude to succeed and be the very best she can be however she should be careful of promising too much, more than she is capable of and this is a warning for her as she signs this multi album deal. That Mars is in her 12th house square to Pluto powerfully placed in her 8th house contributes yet more energy and desire, if she finds something she wants, she will just have to have it. These houses are hidden ones, they are ones of suffering, solitude, sex, intensity, power and change and something tells me that much goes on behind the scenes in her life, battles beyond the prying eyes of the world. Mars trine Venus will give her a warm loving side to her relationships and to her personality as well, she will be a bit of a matchmaker, wanting her friends to have harmony and love as much as she desires it for herself.

Adele – A new contract and added responsibilities

Now looking at the transiting planets for her at the moment, Saturn is now conjunct to her Midheaven, indicating a time of enormous responsibility and hard work yet to come. It's wonderful to receive a huge contract, but the weight of expectation and the work and creative vision needed to fulfil it will be a cross for her to bare for quite a while. Transiting Jupiter makes a lovely expansive trine to her Sun Jupiter conjunction in her 2nd house of income and finances, and fortunate Jupiter of course rules her Midheaven (her point of career, work and publicity), so all this ties in very nicely. Transiting Pluto is making a lovely trine to her natal Sun empowering her and giving her strength, transiting Uranus trines her Moon in the 10th house and sextiles her Venus, so she is creative, in a good fun place and fortunate in a work sense too.

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