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Across The Years 2013

By Abichal @Multidays

ATY 300x225 Across The Years 2013Across The Years 2013 is just over a week away and this years premier event in the American South West  kicks off on December 28, 2013 to January 3, 2014 and features the Across The Years 6 Day Race.

Last held to welcome the New Millenium, the 2013 6 day race offers a new opportunity for the blossoming US ultra scene to take it up another level. Promising performances at the 24 hour distance and at recent Across The Years editions suggest that these are exciting times in ultrarunning.

The legendary Yiannis Kouros is the recent addition to this year’s field, returning to competition in the United States for the first time since Across The Years eight years ago.  Kouros needs no introduction, and will be attempting to break a number of world records.  In that vein, this year will offer prize money to push Yiannis and the competition to record-breaking performances:

First to 400 Miles: $250First to 500 Miles: $500First to 600 Miles: $1000269.114 Miles in 48 Hours (World Road Record): $10001000 KM in 5d.20:13:39 (World Road Record): $1000639 Miles in 6 Days (World Road Record): $2000Not to be underestimated, Kouros has much to watch out for with strong multiday runners Joe Fejes and William Sichel on his heels.  Fejes ran 329 miles in 72 hours at last year’s event, and Sichel has a strong six day record with a personal best of 532.559 miles.  There are several more strong runners yet to be tested at six days waiting to see what they can do, including several in the women’s field.Tune in to this year’s race for live coverage throughout the event through our Ultracast:http://www.aravaiparunning.com/ultracast/

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