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About Me and the Good 'Ol Blog (First Post!)

By Beauteandtheblog

Hello fellow beauties and welcome to Beauté and the Blog! 

So a little about me to start things off: ` I'm 100% Chinese :D` I'm a huge drugstore junkie, and I have a serious addiction to face products. (Foundations and blushes are my weakness!)` I started using makeup when I was about 14, and I'm now an age between 1-25! (Maybe we'll have a contest to see who can guess my age, lol!)` The only pets I have are two little fish, but I wish I had a dog.` If foundations and blushes are my first weakness, then cute puppies are my second haha!` I don't have a favorite color; there's just too many good ones to choose from!Hope that tells you a little bit about me, and if you're still interested in learning more about me, check the About Me tab at the top. Now onto the blog... Beauté and the Blog is my way of sharing my beauty tips/tricks/favorites with the world! As I said before, I'm a huge drugstore junkie, and I'm always looking for a new steal. You'll find tons of reviews, tutorials, swatches, contests, giveaways, and just plain old randomness here, so stay tuned for some more posts!

I'm still in the process of getting everything running smoothly, so there'll be a couple changes throughout the next few days, but I promise everything will be up and running within the next few days! Hope you guys are as excited as mee!
Show me some love and follow my blog!Thanks for stopping by,Belle

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