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"A Wheel of Fire"

By Davidduff

No, I'm not back to Lear again, except indirectly.  The case of 4-year old Daniel Pelka, tortured, beaten and starved throughout his short life before the 'mercy' of a blow to the head ended it, is almost beyond words but The Mail gives the details if your stomach is strong enough to take it.


There will now be a colossal waste of oxygen as yet another useless, pointless enquiry is held in which a token bureaucrat will eventually be relieved of his or her job - but not without a massive, undeserved payout, of course.  Then we will all sit around waiting for the body of the next tortured child to be found and, hey-ho, 'the wheel of fire' will turn again as it always has since man evolved.  If there was a solution to the problem of sadists inflicting their cruelty onto children someone would have found it by now so I assume there is none.  Consequently, in my opinion, the perps should be executed - in this case, both of them and never mind the howls of protests from the 'feministas' who will claim that the mother was under the control of her man.  Of course, execution would solve nothing but it would satisfy a deep and very natural desire for revenge - not personal revenge because I do not know the people concerned, but civic revenge.  No chance of that today so let us hope that both these killers get a full life term and then it's over to 'Big Bubba' on D-wing and his equivalent harridan, 'Dogface Doreen', in the women's prison to do what a pathetic society can no longer bring itself to do - their duty!


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