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A Very Proper Send off

By Davidduff

And so we bid farewell to 'the Iron Lady' in an entirely proper and suitable manner.  The military element was entirely right because she took the military to her heart and after the Falklands they returned her feelings.  It was also entirely right that there should be some protests along the way because they reminded us all of her battles on the 'home front' which absolutely had to be fought and won.  The ragged rabble of protesters stands as a sad memorial to their utter and complete defeat.  I am strongly averse to worshiping politicians but every once in a while one comes along and earns the right to be respected, if not loved.  Thus it was with her.

My last comment on this sad occasion is to note the small, mean-minded and truly 'stoopid' behavior of the White House menagerie.  No-one expected Obama to turn up but to refuse to send even a token member of the current administration just about sums up their lack of political acumen.  The President's first action on entering the White House was to send back a former gift of a bust of Winston Churchill.  Now, in a gesture of solidarity with his socialist worldview he declines to attend the funeral of Mrs. Thatcher.  In this "brave new world" we are entering in which more and more political shifts are occurring I am surely not the only one who is rethinking my hitherto automatic pro-Americanism.  That sort of totally unnecessary poke in the eye from a sharp presidential stick only  confirms my doubts and nudges me to consider British options for the future.

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