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A Three Corker FILM!!!

By Davidduff

Not too much energy left this evening because I spent the afternoon up in space and frankly, my dears, I'm exhausted!  Well, of course, I wasn't really in space but it damned well felt like it what with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock floating about in space suits, and the earth spinning slowly around several zillion feet below, and bits and pieces of space-capsule detritus whistling by at near the speed of light and ... and ... oh, I don't know what else but I was both knackered and terrified.  Well, I'm sure I have mentioned it before but I suffer badly with fear of heights and you can't get much higher than about 400 miles above the earth.  Thank God there were only about four other people in the cinema this afternoon - the film is finishing its run - so no-one heard my whimpering.

Even so, I'm telling you - nay, ordering you! - to go and see it before it comes off the circuit.  It is terrific!  It's in 3-d which made it even more terrifyingly real and how they shot the special effects I simply cannot imagine.  But it is more than just an adventure yarn.  The script is spot on and I am sure the writer must have known that Clooney was playing in it because his part was tailor-made for him and his laconic humor.  Sandra Bullock has now convinced me that not only is she a good light comedienne but also a dramatic actress of considerable talent.  I will tip you off to one tiny item which clinched the excellence of this film and that was the moment when Bullock cried and I thought - 'cos I'm a meany at spotting mistakes! - that's wrong because she's making the right faces and sounds but there are no tears - and then, through my 3-d specs I saw tiny little globules of tear fluid floating towards me and I remembered, of course, that there is no gravity in space so tears don't flow they just wobble away.  My only real crit was that, at times, the music was too heavy-handed.

Do see it because it simply will not work the same on a TV screen!

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