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A Special Birthday Celebration!

By Pinkandpolished
I just love birthdays don't you? I mean my birthday is my favorite ;) But I really love all birthdays, it gives you a reason to get all dressed up and go out and have a great time with the birthday boy/girl. Who wouldn't love that?!

Speaking of birthdays... someone special just turned 21! My baby of a boyfriend (yes I'm older than him LOL) turned the big 2-1 on April 30th and I have to say we all had such an amazing time! I know this post is kind of late but hey, what do I always say? Better late then never right? And there's no way I wasn't going to show you guys these nails!I told Tylor (the bf) he could decide what I wore on my nails for his birthday and the first words out of his mouth were "fire-chicken!" I know you guys won't get it lol but at his house we call everything chicken and he had just recently picked up an 85 Fire Bird that has the huge bird-logo-thing on the front and of course he wanted me to paint them on my nails. -_- <- that was literally the face I made at him LOL I was on a limited time schedule and he picks the most detailed thing he can think of! But it was his birthday so I sucked it up and gave him what he wanted :)So I present to you the "fire-chicken nails". I started with a base of Wet'n'Wild Black Creme and waited for it to dry. When it was finally dry I used Maybelline Bold Gold and a small detail brush to paint in all of the details. On my four nails I did the abstract design to resemble the feathers in the logo and on my thumb I squeezed the whole chicken on there. I finished everything off with a layer of Poshe to give it a nice shine. 

A special birthday celebration!
A special birthday celebration!
It's not my best work but for being so short on time I'm pretty proud of it and Tylor absolutely loved them so I'm happy that they came out the way they did!What do you guys like to do on your nails for a birthday celebration?Thanks for reading chickens! See ya next time ;) A special birthday celebration!

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