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A Slow Gradual Change Of Order

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

A Slow Gradual Change Of Order

I think that it's safe to say that since from around 18th October when the new Moon was forming in the sign of Libra, this has been a very disruptive time for many people. The New Moon opposite to Uranus has really upset the apple cart this time around. In my life for certain and maybe in yours too.

The lesson I think is to stay the course with the changes that are happening now. The reason? Well Saturn is in trine with Uranus and was in a wide sextile to the New Moon too. If you hold you nerve and accept the disruption now happening then you will be able to see things out in the end. It is time to be strong, resolute and very patient. In regard to this, there is one more element of grinding inevitable change that is affecting us all right now, and that is the planet Pluto conjunct to the fixed star Rukbat, in the constellation of Sagittarius.

Rukbat is currently sitting at 16.53 degrees Capricorn and back in the end of September, you'll remember that Pluto stationed direct at 16.51 Capricorn directly on top of this star, and it has been ever so slowly been moving forward ever since: today Pluto sits at 16.59 degrees Capricorn.

I have a page on my website that lists the most important stars in latitude order and gives a brief explanation of their effects. About the star Rukbat I wrote this...

"Rukbat is a star in the knee of the archer in Sagittarius, holding his aim strong and true. This star is unspectacular in nature but it does allow you to make all the preparations and lay all the foundations in your life so that you can have lasting success, strong beliefs and philosophies that can last you a lifetime. The only downside is that Rukbat is so rigid it may lead to extreme stubbornness and when you have to change direction, you will struggle to do so"

Imagine the terminator Pluto coming along and spending an extended time sitting on this star. Here is a star of order and strength that represents the foundations of our lives, all that we know to be true. In the wider world, this can be the order that governs us, the institutions that hold things together. Then Pluto comes along and slowly but surely rips up the rule book so that a new order can begin.

If Rukbat represents the firm leg that we stand on and rely on to keep our balance and keep our aim, then Pluto is breaking it away from us so that we feel totally unstable. Powerful forces are destroying what we know, changing the landscape, forcing us to reinvent ourselves to suit the changing times, not only as a society but individually too.

My friends, this is a very significant moment and although Pluto has passed through Rukbat now and will not return to this spot for the next 248 years, Pluto's effects will still be working for some considerable time. You see, I liken a contact from Pluto to be like dropping a stone in a pond. Even after the stone has hit the water, the ripples from the collision of stone and water fan out wider and wider for a long time afterwards, until eventually the water settles down and is calm again. This is exactly how Pluto operates, an initial hit that takes time to work it's way through.

The events of the last 2 months will have a huge effect on the way that we live our lives in the future, and if you don't see the final lasting effects of this Pluto contact today, in a few months time as the ripples subside, you eventually will...

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