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A Ripe Pair of 'cants'!

By Davidduff

If ever I was tempted to support the idea of banning 'wimmin' from politics these two would provide a strong argument in support of the cause.  Incidentally, I am not in favour of such an idea because by and large the men in politics are just as dim.  Today Guido informs us that these two interfering old biddies want to put a stop to the subsidy on beer for troops serving up the sharp end. 

A ripe pair of 'cants'!
A ripe pair of 'cants'!

   Anna Soubry MP  Madeline Moody MP with another old tart


Guido rams home the point with all the urgency and enthusiasm of a gun-loader facing the oncoming French cavalry at Waterloo, both these cant-merchants enjoy cheap booze inside Westminster subsidised by you and me.  In return this pair of mouthy moos bore us all nigh unto death with their ridiculous political posturing which, judging by a quick squint at Wiki, indicates that they are both several pints short of a barrel!  Ms. Moody, of course, is a labourite and belonging as she does to a party led by an embarrassing goofball she is very used to speaking cant in between slugs of subsidised booze.  Ms. Soubry, on the other hand, is actually a minister at the MoD whose responsibilities include Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans.  Well, this is one old veteran from whom she should stay well clear.

The pair of them can cut the subsidy on cheap beer for the Toms when they cut the subsidy to expensive drinkie-poos for members of parliament!


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