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A Nice Surprise on Mother's Day!

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
I know this is way to late for mother's day, but I really wanted to share to you guys what we did in that special day. We never really have a plan on what to do that day. All of my siblings and few of my cousins gather  around at my room to have our usual chit-chat. Out of nowhere, someone suggested we should have a little thank you party for our mothers, a surprise one. Besides, that day was for them. So me and my sister Ciamz head to the grocery store to buy some food. Others do their share of workload. 
A Nice Surprise on Mother's Day!I grilled the barbecue and the pork belly upon arriving at the house while my cousin and sister arrange the tables and   chairs. 

A Nice Surprise on Mother's Day!

from left to right: Lola Aida, Auntie Epen, my mom, Nanay Judith

These are the mothers that have molded us to become what we are right now. Thank you so much Mama! 

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