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A New Royal Baby in July – Astrologically, What Do We Definitely Know?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Please note that the accuracy of this article is entirely dependent on the actual date of the royal birth and that it is in the main speculative, except for the positions of Mars through Pluto which are likely to be in these positions in the sky come what may…

Ok, so the confirmation is out and we do know that a Royal baby which will be a future King or Queen of the United Kingdom will be born in July this year. An announcement made from Buckingham Palace yesterday confirmed the fact. Now, we do not know which day the baby will be born but already there are a few pointers that lead to the fact that this baby will be born within a time span of a couple of weeks and the likelihood is that it will be a Cancerian, or maybe just a Leo. Lets have a peek into the future and look at the astrology which is occurring around this time.

NewRoyalBaby natal

Ok, in the UK the bookies think (the Bookmakers always have a view on anything like this here) that the favorite date for a royal birth will be 17th July. I have had a look at the charts and because this baby will eventually be a Monarch, I find the 22nd July a far more appealing date? Why? My motivations are of course based around the stars and the connections therein. Often when a new royal baby was born there would be some celestial sign. Prince William was born on a day of a Solar Eclipse, an auspicious day, and one day assuming nothing changes in the interim, he will assume the throne and become King. This time around there are no eclipses, but we do have Venus closing in on a conjunction to the Royal Persian Star, Regulus, the star in the heart of the Lion and a star of great honours bestowed. I will go one step further and say if the baby is born on or close to the 22nd July, it will be a girl. What more appropriate sign of a new princess being born than Venus sitting on the star Regulus?

There are some certain things that we can say about this new arrival to the British royal family. Firstly it will be a Cancerian baby, like her father or a maybe just Leo. I favour again Cancer as this will be a link to her now deceased grandmother Diana, often you find direct links between babies and the family skipping a generation. Cancerians are protective of their loved ones and of their circle of friends, they are generally sunny in character but they do have the tendency to be rather moody, to worry and to fret. If the baby is a Cancerian, then there will be an instant strong bond and love of the Mother. If he or she is a Leo, expect a proud and regal nature, someone who is very loyal and ebullient and wants to be in the spotlight all of the time. A Leo King or Queen could be quite pompous and haughty yet very warm hearted and generous, so rather different in nature to that of his or her parents who are rather understated and like their privacy. 

I have taken out the position of the Moon as we as yet have no idea where it will be stationed, however the other planets I think are pretty much in the signs they will be when the birth is announced. On the face of it, this is a powerful chart. we will have a confirmed grand water trine for this baby as well as a tense t-square.

Venus is likely to be in Leo, a position that will make the royal newcomer want to feel special and be adored and loved. This is also a vey warm and loving position too, someone who will have a colourful love life (the press will just thrive on that) and will be tremendously loyal and devoted to the one they decide to marry.

A wonderfully optimistic and outgoing Jupiter Mars conjunction in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This is a very instinctive formation, able to make any dream (Neptune) a reality (Saturn) - well this will be true seeing this is the chart of a royal baby. This chart shows administration (Saturn) over a wide international area (Jupiter) and over military connections (Mars) and the Anglican church (Neptune/Jupiter). On a more human level, this grand trine shows great sensitivity, imagination, instinct and appreciation of philosophy and knowledge. This is the chart of someone who wants to learn and has great capacity to do so. Neptune trine Mars is very creative and tends to prefer a more peaceful solution to problems than a heavy handed approach. Mars and Jupiter both in Cancer is not very forceful in nature especially in an aggressive manner, but they are very welcoming placements for making all people feel happy and accepted; this is someone with a very caring heart. Neptune trine to Jupiter is quite religious in nature, idealistic and tolerant and this indicates someone who will always try to find the easiest, but not necessarily the best way out of any difficulty that they will have to face.

With Mercury conjunct to Jupiter and Mars we have someone with a quick mind and a sharp tongue as well as a broad overview of any situation. This is someone who thinks on a big scale. Mercury in Cancer is very interested in the past and in one’s heritage and this person will look to the past and be very sentimental of what has gone before.

Moving onto the t-square here, Pluto’s opposition to Jupiter Mars and Mercury enhances the feeling of power and control on this chart. Pluto opposite to Mars shows huge passion, intensity and a powerful will. If this aspect does occur then this child will endure huge power struggles during their lifetime. The opposition between Pluto and Jupiter is inordinately lucky in financial terms and this aspect favours international travel, which will figure heavily in this babies life. Most interestingly of all, his or her fortunes may change greatly during their lifespan due to this Pluto Jupiter opposition – I wonder what this signifies for the future of Britain? Mercury opposing Pluto gives a searching and enquiring mind, looking for the truth below the surface of any issue. This person is likely to have a very sharp sense of humor too, with Mercury likely to be square to Uranus as well as an interest and possibly a talent with technology and science.  There is a dynamic, rather risky and experimental feel to Uranus square Jupiter and Mars, but also a sense of danger or upset too. Certainly they will love to test themselves to the full in maybe sport or through adventure activities, and they will enjoy every challenge presented to them. When this very tense and potentially potent aspect is activated by difficult planets, accidents or great misfortune or tragedy could befall this person.

Unless we have an unusually early or premature birth, this baby will as you can see inherit on their chart all the trappings of royal living. It is not truly amazing that the planets are forming such a pattern in the heavens, almost as if it were written in the stars that a new royal baby would be born at this time? Of course, by following my astrology blog and website, you already know that this and much, much more connected to the stars and planets is indeed true… 

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