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A Must Try for Chocolate Lovers…

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

Whether you’re a chocoholic or an ‘indulge once in a while’ type I discovered an absolutely delicious new range this week I had to share…

…the new THINS by Green & Blacks.

Green  Blacks new THINS

I was invited along to their popup installation yesterday at Tavistock gardens on Portobello Road to see what was going on and find out a little bit more.

It’s located just across the road from where the founders, Craig Sams and Jo Fairley, first came up with the concept and name of the brand which I thought was pretty cool and their Green & Black’s taste adventure tour van will be there until late afternoon Saturday, so if you’re in the area definitely pop along!

Green and Blacks pop-up Portobello Road

Me stood at the Green & Black’s taste adventure tour van

The one day only installation was an exotic edible cocoa tree with a picnic at the base, look how cute…

Green and Blacks pop-up Portobello Road

Green and Blacks pop-up Portobello Road

Green and Blacks pop-up Portobello Road

The installation was a nice little addition. I couldn’t believe the cocoa pods and butterflies were all edible from green & blacks or sugar paste, they looked awesome. One cocoa pod was made to look open too so visitors could see what the inside looks like – it’s all white! The fruit helps the beans to harvest…I sure didn’t know that!

Green and Blacks pop-up Portobello Road
The inside of the cocoa pod…

Green and Blacks pop-up Portobello Road
Green and Blacks pop-up Portobello Road

All the edible butterflies before being put on the tree

Green and Blacks pop-up Portobello Road

And all the edible cocoa pods…

The picnic was cute, again all edible, but did lend itself to needing a little wasp patrol at one point :P

Green & Black’s Taste Specialist Brandt Maybury was on hand to give some background information on the brand and the ideas behind the new range. He actually created the new flavours too and so I learnt about what went into the designing and creating of the salted caramel and mint flavours.


The new salted caramel flavor has salt crystals melted in the mixture but also solid salt crystals in the chocolate too meaning it gives a nice salty taste after as the whole salt crystals continue to melt in your mouth. With many other brands/versions you tend to get a more caramel flavor or more salt. The Green & Blacks salted caramel THIN is amazing, unlike any salted caramel chocolate I’ve had before!

He also mentioned how the new range is designed to be that little bit thinner as to melt in your mouth – they really do!

They’ve already won awards for their new chocolate…you can see or rather taste why!

Brandt Maybury was awesome, really friendly and I think it was great to have someone from behind the scenes there to talk about every thing. Craig Sams and Jo Fairley were also there, although at lunch when I popped along but great to see they’re still so involved even though their company has grown so much.

It wasn’t too busy when I popped down but could get busier tomorrow, however it’s definitely worth going along if you fancy trying before buying.

Although my inner chocoholic gets well hidden most of the time, I will definitely be purchasing for those indulging evenings in…or perhaps a picnic this spring/summer!

Green & Black’s THIN is available nationwide with an RRP of £2.29, with the Mint Crisp flavor exclusive to Waitrose until 2nd May.

If you pop along an try the new range I’d love to know which you prefer – mint or salted caramel?

Chloe xx

A must try for chocolate lovers…

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