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A Marxist Site Censors, Er, Karl Marx, Actually!

By Davidduff

One doesn't usually visit Marxist sites for the laughs but David Osler's example nearly had me falling off my chair with hysterics.  It is a site worth visiting if only to realize that there are actually bigger loonies out there than the ones who run global warming sites.  Ostler's is packed with every sort of mouth-foamer you could imagine and, although they are all Marxists, it is obvious that they hate each other much more than they hate non-Marxists.  Anyway, the other day I was reading a review of a new biography of Karl Marx in The New York Review of Books and it contained this short quote from the man himself:

It is now completely clear to me, that, as proven by the shape of his head and
the growth of his hair, he [Lassalle] stems from the Negroes who joined the
march of Moses out of Egypt (if his mother or grandmother on his father’s side
did not mate with a nigger). Now this combination of Jewry and Germanism with
the negroid basic substance must bring forth a peculiar product. The pushiness
of this lad is also nigger-like.

Well, of course, me being me I couldn't wait to drop that one in their little Marxist laps but, dammit, I couldn't get it accepted by the site.  I tried again this morning but it still wouldn't go through.  Then the penny dropped, of course, it has the dreaded 'n'-word in it and even if it was penned by the great oracle himself there was no way that pathetic, latter-day Lefties could face it without the risk of fainting.  How Marx would have despaired and despised them all!  With disciples like that one almost (but definitely not quite) feels sorry for the evil old sod!

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