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A-Line Aztec

By Whattowearfor @whattowearfor

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Today’s outfit post features a skirt I’ve been meaning to feature for a while. It’s not my usual style (to be honest I’m not much of a skirt-wearer in general) and this A-line knee-length one is more than a little out of my comfort zone. I consider anything that falls from the knee to mid-calf to be awkward on me – many people carry this off but I am unconvinced of the appeal on myself. So naturally, I am slightly baffled how this ended up in my wardrobe – I think partly the allure of a sale (it’s River Island as usual), and partly because I’m always to lazy to return items I have delivered.

Anyway, somehow I acquired this and there it sat for a while tag attached (as is the way with most of my clothes). Then, I found myself thrust into my first proper job after Uni, and this skirt became my new best friend. It’s ‘awkward’ length and neutral tones suddenly fitted perfectly in the working environment, and being made from cotton its incredibly cool on a hot summer’s day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still not a convert (this is the only skirt I own of this nature). However, yes I will admit I do find myself wearing this again and again, and it is now one of my go-to work pieces. The deep pockets on either side are incredibly handy for my mobile and security pass – another plus.

Today I wore it with a baggy cream tee (the same one I wore in this post), and tan-coloured bow pumps.

This skirt has also been used for casual outdoorsy things like a friend’s BBQ and a Sunday afternoon stroll in the park. It’s a fantastic example of how fashion rules are made to be broken.

A-Line Aztec

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