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A Floridian Flake!

By Davidduff

I hardly dare mention the Zimmerman case lest I hear the sound of slamming laptops but alas there is yet another twist to this sorry tale.  This time the victim is not Mr. Zimmerman but Mrs. Zimmerman, his wife, who is being pursued with malice/fervour (you choose) by the State Attorney of the 4th Circuit in Florida, a certain Ms. Angela Corey:

A Floridian flake!

This lady leapt at the chance to take the lead in prosecuting Zimmerman given the publicity shit-storm that was whipped up in the American media.  She and her team made a total and complete 'horlicks' of it and Zimmerman, quite rightly in the view of all detached observers, walked free.  According to various different sources, this lady is not for crossing!  Do it, and the retribution is instant and usually 'lethal' as far as your job propsects or legal prospects are concerned.  To give but one example, when she at last succeeded in taking over the prosecutor's office from a hated rival she instantly sacked nearly a third of the staff.

She and her team did not just lose the Zimmerman case, they went down with all hands in a total and very public humiliation not least because she had ridden the media waves with such exultation beforehand.  Also, it was clear to everyone with more than three brain cells and no racism axe to grind that the prosecution case was absolutely and entirely without merit.  It was a perfect example of that old Chinese saying: 'He who piss into wind get his own back!'

Now, however, the lady is returning to the fray by pressing charges of perjury against Mrs. Zimmerman who was asked in a bail court hearing prior to her husband's trial to lay open her family's finances.  This she did and under questioning freely admitted the existence of a PayPal account opened by a well-wisher as a means for sympathisers to subscribe to in order to help pay for Zimmerman's defence.  But according to a summary of the events by Mike McDaniel at PJ Media, Mrs. Zimmerman had no means of volunteering detailed information on this account because, as she testified, it was all run by her brother-in-law.  The exchange between Mrs. Zimmerman and the prosecutor working for Ms. Corey is the basis of the charge of perjury but, as McDaniel shows, the actual transcript offered in 'evidence' has been heavily cut and all mention of the brother-in-law is missing in an obvious attempt to make it appear that Mrs. Zimmerman had been less than forthcoming.

You need to read McDaniel's piece to obtain just some of the flavor and background to Ms. Corey and this particular case.  Suffice to say that she has history!  Apart from any other vices she might demonstrate from time to time it is quite clear that the woman is stupid beyond belief.  Criticised by Prof. Alan Dershowitz, a very distinguished academic lawyer who is immaculately liberal to his pink fingertips, for offering a false affidavit in the origianl Zimmerman case, this harridan telephoned Harvard Law School and indulged in a 40-minute rant against Dershowitz who held a teaching position there.  According to Wiki, "Following the trial Professor Dershowitz said she should be disbarred for multiple violations including filing a false or misleading affidavit."  Now she appears to be doing much the same thing with an equally false and misleading affidavit.

Lawyers are bad enough but political lawyers - yuk!


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