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A Family Trip to China

By Irene Shaver @hhwife
We were blessed this April to take a trip as a family to China.  Why China?  I have a sister who lives there with her family.  For the last 13 years or so, they have taught overseas at various international schools.  For the last 3 years they have been working in Shanghai.
I was extremely excited when my husband gave us the plane tickets at Christmas time, but as time grew closer I started to get nervous.  The 13 hour plane ride, the 12 hour time difference, the packing, the planning, how was this all going to play out, especially with a one year old?  How was I going to feel knowing I stuck on an airplane for so long?
As usual, the worry was for nothing. God took great care of us.  My mother in law said when she thought of us while on our trip, she pictured a cross over our heads and that is how I felt.
Our trip was filled with sight seeing, shopping, a lot of walking and great food.  Although there are so many great historic and touristic places to visit in China, we kept this trip simple as to not overwhelm us or the kids.
Read on if you want to get a quick glimpse of our trip.

A Family Trip to China
 Getting ready for a "rough" sleep in the hotel before we fly out the next morning :)
We spent the night in Montreal before taking our 13 hour direct flight to Shangai
A Family Trip to China  Yeah for good food in the Air Canada Lounge
A Family Trip to China Almost time to take off.
A Family Trip to China Our welcome sign :)
A Family Trip to China  A trip to a traditional "wet market" in Xui Jing.  It was quite the experience for us.
Not at all like a typical Canadian grocery store.   
A Family Trip to China "Hey is that a black chicken?" My middle daughter LOVED the wet market and asked to return many times.   She enjoyed looking at the fish, frogs, turtles and pig's heads!
A Family Trip to China The busy streets of Shanghai.  It was a holiday that day and the streets were packed.
A Family Trip to China  Tai Kang Lu, one of the few places with old traditional buildings.
A Family Trip to China Very busy!  
A Family Trip to China My handsome husband and if you can't tell, my gorgeous sister.
A Family Trip to China  These two loved the shopping
in the old streets.
A Family Trip to China
A view from the Bund, a popular tourist area and  second tallest  building in the world; the Shanghai Tower.
A Family Trip to China A few cool kids waiting for the subway.  These children had a lot of pictures taken perhaps due to the blond hair and blue eyes.  Many people were also surprised  that we have three children!
A Family Trip to China My favorite picture.  Isn't he so adorable?
A Family Trip to China
In Shanghai, you can find many restaurants and stores that will have some English.  This restaurant however was strictly in Chinese.  We had a great time just pointing to the menu and "blindly" picking out our lunch.  I was so proud of the kids, they would eat whatever was given.  I honestly had no idea what I ate that day but it was tasty.
A Family Trip to China Even our little guy was using his chopsticks.  
A Family Trip to China When on vacation, we often look for smoothie bars.  They are a great way to get some  additional nutrients and easy for all members of the family.
A Family Trip to China On a less healthy note, my husband felt I should post this.  Yes, we ate breakfast at McDonalds...once!

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