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A Busy Mind

By Vickilane
A Busy Mind
I didn't want it to be busy. But I'd made the mistake of drinking coffee after dinner -- that after several months of very little caffeine -- and I was wide awake at two in the morning. So I lay there and thought of stuff.

I thought of what I needed to do the next day -- and the next week. All that Christmas prep. I've made a start but  . . .

I thought of cambric tea -- I'd heard the term years ago from a friend whose grandmother used to give it to her when she was little. I assumed it was weak tea with milk and sugar but I'd never wondered about the name.  So I lay and wondered and made a mental note to ask Mr. Google when I got up.

(Mr. Google told me that cambric tea -- a popular drink for children, invalids, and the elderly in the 19th Century -- is hot water, milk, and sugar -- a dash of tea is optional. And it's called cambric because it's thin and white like the fabric. Now I know.)

I thought of what has happened to the characters in the Goodweather books in the past seven years. No murders, I decided, and I went on to map out scenarios for the characters. (Harice Tyler's wife died of snake bite and he is courting a teenager in the congregation.) I think I'll save the rest of them for another post.

I thought of what I would do if I had the power to wave my hand and alter certain aspects of our political situation.

Electoral College -- poof, gone! 

No big donations to campaigns. A set number of appearances on television, a limited number of position statements, interviews, debates, and NO commercials or phone calls.

Clean bills only -- no tacking on odds and ends.

Certain classes mandatory for graduation -- Civics, American History, Critical thinking and an approach to detecting Fake News.

A new appreciation for facts and scientific proof.

Tax churches that engage in political rhetoric.

And my old favorite -- full citizenship and voting rights only for those who have completed two years of some sort of federal service -- military or otherwise.

This is just a beginning but I finally fell asleep. What would you add?

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