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A Bucket and Spade Day Today

By Davidduff

No, no, not for the beach, for the restaurant!  Although we are going to the seaside - Sidmouth, to be precise.  It's a superb, sunny, summer day today but tomorrow that rare state of affairs will be well and truly corrected according to the forecast.  We went to Sidmouth last year and it is the quintessential English seaside town.  Off the beaten track, so the coach-loads of tattooed chavs usually go elsewhere.  There is absolutely nothing to do there except find the excellent sea-front hotel with its immaculate terrace and gardens that we found last year and enjoy a leisurely - very leisurely - lunch.  I may, or may not, be in a fit state to post something this evening!

ADDITIONAL: If you want something to read which will mak you smike, try Quentin Letts' review of the Monty Python Show in The Mail.  He's the best critic around these days.

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