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A Book Is Born

By Colleen Brynn @ColleenBrynn










The landscape was her inspiration.

For me, it was as it appeared: fresh, cool, new.

I’d been in India/Nepal/Qatar for almost three months and had become accustomed to the constant sweating, the suffocating and heavy heat. Relentless.

Arriving in Wales, things were green again. The beads of moisture clinging to the air were cool, dewy on my skin. They were not an insufferable density of unbearable heat, pressed thick against my skin as the humidity was in India.

While I was basking in the freshness of it all, she was dreaming up her second novel. And I was just a passenger in her car, a bystander to the storm of creation that was brewing in her mind. I was just there for the ride.

Happy birthday today to The Creeper Man in the UK! The book is released on this side of the globe in September under the title And The Trees Crept In. This fact didn’t stop me from pre-ordering 4 copies of the UK version from overseas, haha.

I can’t wait to get my hands on Dawn’s new novel and devour her words. After tearing through her first novel, The Dead House, I just had to do a spooky, Halloween-y giveaway. Might just have to do the same again… Watch this page for more…



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