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A Bit of Everything HAUL !!

By Prayati @prayatibaxi
Hello ladies and ! Last month (january) has been all about travelling, I went to two places Bhopal and my native Udaipur.....I bought some Elle18 stuff from Udaipur as I don't find this brand anywhere in Mumbai.....I also did a little antique jewelry shopping from of the stuff is everything that I have been from shopping from malls and my local beauty shop this past, without further ado, lets get started !!
WARNING: This is going to be a picture heavy post
A bit of everything HAUL !!
1. Panasonic Hair Dryer
I wanted a hair dryer that can get the job done in I believe in air drying my hair
A bit of everything HAUL !!
2. Veet easy-grip ready to use wax strips
Anne french soothing aloe hair removing cream
I usually go for professional waxing and threading but I keep a stock of these to be used in emergencies...I got a free sample sized Himalaya body lotion along with the anne french cream
A bit of everything HAUL !!
3. Fabindia tea tree, cleansing and rejuvenating soap PRICE - INR 65
Always wanted to try their soaps, I was tempted to try the rose one but settled for this because of the "tea tree" mention on it !
A bit of everything HAUL !!
4. Fabindia aloe vera under eye gel
I read good reviews about it and well, it was quite affordable for an under eye gel !
A bit of everything HAUL !!
5. Davis eye glitter pencils in no. 14 and 15
PRICE - Gifted
So, when I went to Bhopal, my cousin sister gifted these to me....and it was very sweet of her to care enough to give me something related to makeup
A bit of everything HAUL !!
6. H&G Facial band
H&G Face pack brush
Wanted these two things from the longest time....these are the essentials that everybody should have
A bit of everything HAUL !!
7. Kara deep pore cleansing wipes
PRICE - INR 125 for 25 wipes
Lets just say, I cant function without these, so, had to get them
A bit of everything HAUL !!
8. Elle18 lip smoothie in the shade "strawberry blast"
Tips & Toes sheer shine lip gloss with aloe vera in the shade "06 grape"
I wanted a red lip gloss since ages, the tips and toes one was a random purchase
A bit of everything HAUL !!
9. Random bangles
These bangles I got from Udaipur, I loved the vibrant colors and I am a sucker for floral had to get them....the last one is a bracelet gifted by my bhabi
A bit of everything HAUL !!
10. Elle18 lipsticks in "pinken", "rosy blush" and "hot pink"
PRICE - INR 100 each (not sure though)
Lipsticks call out to me, we have a connection that nobody ever understands, they are my soulmate and I buy atleast one lipstick on every shopping trip that I take
A bit of everything HAUL !!
11. Elle18 eye sparkles in the shade "silver sparkle"
Maybelline eye studio eyeliner
the maybelline eyeliner is a baby pink color eyeliner, that'l be perfect for under eye application or defining the inner third of the eyelid
A bit of everything HAUL !!
12. Clean & Clear oil control film
PRICE  - INR 99 for 50 sheets
okay, can we have a moment to appreciate the entrance of official drugstore blotting sheets in India, they even have a flavor or shade or color lol I don't know its "pink grapefruit" but wait a minute....why the f*** does it say limited edition on it ?????? :0
A bit of everything HAUL !!
13. Purederm face pack mask
PRICE - INR 12 for each
I had to get them ....look they are so cheap lol....i got them in "mango yogurt", "strawberry yogurt", vitalizing green tea", and "hydro soothing aloe"
A bit of everything HAUL !!
14. Lion ring
I died when I saw this beautiful ring sitting in the corner of the was destined to be mine
A bit of everything HAUL !!
15.  Choker necklace
This is a traditional rajasthani ornament, it'll look great when styled with a collared shirt 
A bit of everything HAUL !!
16. Bourjois pot blush in the shade "rose eclat"
Look how pretty it can you resist such a pretty pink shade ?
A bit of everything HAUL !!
17. Garnier BB cream
PRICE - INR 99 for 18 gm
finally got my hands on comes in only one shade ...WHAT ??
A bit of everything HAUL !!
18. Biotique bio green apple fresh daily purifying shampoo and conditioner
PRICE - INR 99 for 120 ml
TOH HUA UNN.....that I used this shampoo at my cousin sister's place and I loved she gave the unused bottle to me as a gift...isn't she a sweetheart ?
A bit of everything HAUL !!
19. Victoria's secret "endless love" apple blossom and ylang ylang fragrance mist
PRICE  - INR 500
I have a rule, if I find victoria's secret anywhere, I have to buy something from it....
A bit of everything HAUL !!
20. Marks & Spencer "floral collection" rose body splash
I think I am going crazy with this floral collection...I have its body lotions, shower gels, body
A bit of everything HAUL !!
21. Cheetah/animal print cami from ZARA
I love love love this......I am going to zara to buy more of these in different colors.....
A bit of everything HAUL !!
22. Linen cardigan from ZARA
Its a beautiful coral linen cardigan..which is of high - low type...I love this thing to death....going to wear it everyday of my
A bit of everything HAUL !!
I hope you guys liked this haul...
Is there anything you guys want me to review first ??
xoxo prayati

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