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A Better Battery Life with iOS 7.1.1

Posted on the 28 April 2014 by Anna Peterson

Last week, Apple released an update for its software for the iPhone and the iPad. There’s been a couple of interesting changes and improvements, but the most important one seems to be connected to the battery life.

Apple's iOS update to 7.1.1

Apple’s latest software update.

ZDNet‘s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, who’s had an iPhone 5 since the iOS 6 update, created a detailed report indicating just how much the battery levels have increased/decreased over the years.

iOS 6 – the battery level would drop from a full charge to 74% after six hours of use.

iOS 7 – the phone’s battery would still run out of power fairly quickly, but it would come back to normal after a couple of recharges.

iOS 7.1 – the update had a completely negative impact on the battery, with the level falling to a mere 48% after six hours of use.

iOS 7.1.1 – battery life has improved significantly. During the six hours of use, it dropped from 100% to 76%.

How is Apple’s software update treating you and your iPhone?

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