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9 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy.

By Cookingfromasahm
Hello Everyone,
This is a new type of post for me :-) I was asked by American Recall Center to do a post with 9 healthy tips for pregnant. I have two girls so I definitely have some tips that I have learned.  I hope this helps you.
*ALL tips are my own, and what worked best for me.  Do what is best for you, and remember to always ask your Dr.  These are my own opinion.****
 I am the mom of two girls, and they are amazing little girls. However, each of my pregnancies with them was completely different.  My oldest I had morning sickness eight of the nine months I was pregnant with her. I struggled to eat food period, without having to run somewhere. I discovered a couple things that helped me greatly! Here are a couple morning sickness tips:
1. Put dry cereal, or saltines next to your bed, and eat it before you get up. I'm not really sure why but it works great. 
2.  Eat small frequent meals!  It will help you in the long run! 
3.  Stay away from a lot of Acidic meals! I'm going to be completely honest with you, and tell you that while it may taste great going in, it won't feel good coming out. Hey its the truth! LOL 
4. Lemon! No I'm not saying go suck on a lemon but sucking on lemon drops will help ease the morning sickness. 
5. They make these morning sickness lollipops. At first I wasn't so sure about them but they work. 
Another thing I struggled with both girls, and no one told me about was restless leg syndrome. I had it bad with both girls, so much that I'd cry.  No one could give me anything to stop it so I figured stuff out on my own.
1. Walk...and I don't just mean down the side walk...I mean blocks. It helps so much.  It didn't matter what time it was, I went on a walk. It helped ease it, and walking is great for pregnant women. 
2. Warm NOT HOT baths! Soak in it. The warm will help ease the restless leg syndrome. 
Exercise is VERY good for you when your pregnant. Walking is the best one I found. It helps your pelvis. I would walk around the block, to stores etc.  I walked a lot with both pregnancies and I believe it helped me a lot. 
Also the best thing I can tell any pregnant woman is that each pregnancy is different. If you have more then one kid, do not expect the same type of pregnancy. My oldest I was sick 8 of the 9 months I was pg with her. The second kid, I had zero morning sickness.  Everyone is different but be in charge of your pregnancy. Take it day by day and as hard as it may feel sometimes, enjoy it. 
Do not be afraid to talk to your Dr about things that are bothering you! You may think they might be trivial but they really are not. Find a Dr you trust, and feel comfortable with. That will help you because they will be the ones in the hospital room with you. You need to feel at peace with them and how they will handle labor.
Kids are a gift! Enjoy your pregnancy, and I hope that these tips help you!!!

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