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8 Anti Aging Exercises You Can Try out Today

By Carolyn @CarolynHeintz

Looking for secret tricks to stay young? Tired of trying various creams and treatments that are not helpful?  Have you tried to make the difference through some anti aging exercises? Yes, it can work wonders on you. Of course, daily exercise will help in short-term goals like weight loss, building body and more, but with or without your knowledge it also helps in maintaining your look and health conditions in the long term.

Here are the best magical exercises that help you have a firm body and at the same time slow down the process of aging.

Anti aging exercises:

  • Squat with Biceps Curl:

Exercising with a pair of dumbbells by standing up in the feet and hip-width apart is a great way to give enough stretches to your body. Also try bending your knees, simultaneously shift your hip-back, and go down till your thighs by staying parallel to the floor. This exercise helps in building stronger knees and thus reduces knee pain and other joint pains. This exercise is especially important for women as it works well for your hip-structure and tunes the body according to the need.

  • Push-ups:

This exercise is not new to many, but how many of you knew it is one the best exercise for anti-aging? Pushups help in applying pressure to your shoulders, legs and upper chest. It makes the body fit and healthy; this exercise helps in pulling out excess fat in your body and thus gives perfect shape. It increases the blood circulation and pumps muscle, thus it works as an anti-aging therapy.

  • Step-ups:

Just like squatting, this is done with a help of a box, bench or step to place your leg. Start this exercise with chest lifted and make sure you are bending your knee slowly. It’s advisable to do at least 10 reps on each side. To gain shape to the sides of your body use this exercise, it rejuvenates the complete system and makes life easier with great looks.

  • Foot Work-out:

This exercise with a circular ring will help your body move freely according to the ring movement and also helps in great foot shape and balance. Ring exercises are not just good for making you look young but will give enough relaxations to your nerves as well as muscles. Yes, from every hair on your head up to your feet, you should have a young look at all times; concentrating just on one area is not sufficient if you are looking for a great natural look.

  • Simply cycle:

No matter how young your body is trimmed to, the reflection should be seen from the heart! Do enough cycling every day. Irrespective of how good your body might look, the efforts will be in vain if you still have the age wrinkles on your face. Thus cycling early in the morning is considered as a great move plus make sure to drink at least 3-4 liters of water per day. Stay energetic and healthy at all times; with a proper diet and fitness steps. Stay happy and smiling with these tips as exercise and aging slowness go hand in hand.

  • Keep it Simple at times:

Don’t strain your body too much with diet and exercise. Firstly take things slow and secondly have a day in a week for relaxation. On these days just have a brisk walk and a bit of swimming. Just these two can make a lot of difference rather than overly sophisticated exercises. Have good food that your heart desires, a bit oil or calories intake once in a week is actually essential. Craving for favorite food during the diet is not a good sign, thus keep a day aside for all your cravings. However, set a limit for the day such that you won’t go over the limit due to the excitement.

  • Strike a balance:

It is essential to strike a balance between exercise and food. Include a right proportion of healthy food for anti-aging, along with fruits and drink lot of liquids to make sure there are enough carbs and liquids in your body. Thread mills and gym are good options for weekly exercises. Don’t overdo anything; take things in a slow and in a steady manner to get right results. Avoid bad habits; these will toss all your efforts. Importantly be prepared to overcome temptations and cravings.

  • Sit up straight:
    sit straight to avoid hunching

One of the best and easiest methods to erase your aging is by sitting up straight always; a steady backbone strengthens the abdomen, lower back and pelvis areas. Curvy back will not reflect a fit look. Take brief walks in-between if you are someone who works for long hours at offices.

Are you curious to know- does metabolism slow with age? Yes, it does, not many are aware that weekly just two or three times exercises can improve the bone density and will help when you from turning old faster. It’s not just through good shape you will look young; there are a lot more to it. The skin textures, color, brightness, glow and hair texture will all be affected as you turn old. Try to always give importance to your health. These above mentioned simple exercises will give you magical results.  Apart from these try consuming anti aging herb, green leaves like spinach, apply carrots and potatoes pack, yogurt packs to enhance the glow in your skin.

Wondering how to stop aging? Apart from the ones mentioned above few other exercises to be kept in mind for anti-aging are the plank, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, chin-ups and more. All of these exercises will work on the muscles of each person’s and a great degree of change can be experienced. Three worst exercises for aging are yoga, low fat-diet exercises, and cardio exercises. Few will concentrate on the upper body more than lower parts… but ensure the exercises that you choose from the above list should have a mix of both to get expected results. There is no need to spend on anti-aging creams and treatments if you plan your diet by consuming herbal and natural plants while doing anti-aging exercise as it can boost and contribute to the anti-aging process. Why spend hard earned money on products that offer slow and harmful results when better results can be experienced through simple exercises?

Stay fit and happy throughout and never forget to make use of nature’s medicine for any illness or issues- SMILE!

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