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77-Year-Old Japanese Sailor Completes 8th Circumnavigation Solo

By Sailingguide

At age 77, Minoru Saito isn't the world's oldest sailor, but he was certainly the oldest solo circumnavigator when he sailed back into Yokohama Bay after a 1080-day voyage around the world the "wrong way" against the prevailing winds. For almost three years he carried on against typhoons and tsunamis, boat damage and rescue, delays and surgery, and when asked about retirement, he only laughs and talks about raising funds for his next voyage. You go, guy! And to think: some youngsters in their fifties and sixties are worried about perceived difficulties of going cruising now that they're getting "old." If you're looking for another example of an older sailor, check out Paul Keller's delightful book Cruising for Seniors, written after decades of cruising with his wife at an age others are just watching TV - it's full of realistic tips and preparations about how to get up and go.

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