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7 Things To Do In Los Angeles On A Weekend | Weekend Freebie

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

As soon as it hits Friday, I can hardly hold my breathe as my body is filled with excitement that I have 2 free day’s of doing absolutely nothing…

or maybe i’m lying, because I feel like, I actually always work on the weekends, when i’m not suppose to.

If you have been to L.A before, or Elle Ay, or Hell Ay, or Los Angeles, which-ever you prefer to call this city of dreams, you know that this city is known for being a “small town” in terms of either running into your ex-boyfriend, someone that’s knows somebody that you know, or running into someone that you last expected you would run into. But, you also should know that L.A is made up of other beautiful cities and sights only an hour or two away from each other.

When I am not working on the weekends, this can either go two ways for me of preferring to stay local and relax in my home on the weekend, or take that trip of an hour or half-hour drive to say “Orange County”, or “Laguna Beach”, or perhaps even Palm Springs, why not, right?

If you have never been to Los Angeles before, get ready to start calling it “L.A” before you arrive, get use to the terms “Bro” and “Bra” { if you are in Malibu or a beach city }, and get ready to play dress-up to walk the famous Hollywood Blvd.

Anywho, here are a few of my favorite things that I like to do in Los Angeles, either by myself, with friends, or when my parents come for a lovely visit.

Don’t forget to have fun with whatever you do in this crazy city of Angels.

1. Take A Tour Of Your Nearest Entertainment Studio

{ Ex: Universal Pictures, Warner Bro’s, MTV etc. }

7 Things To Do In Los Angeles On A Weekend | Weekend Freebie
 2. Visit Your Local Theme Park & Amusement Park

{Ex: Universal Studios, Knotts Barry Farm, Santa Monica Pier, Magic Mountain }

 3. Take A Trip To The Farmer’s Market

{ This Could Be In: Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, The Grove}

 4.  Visit Hollywood Blvd.

{ Hollywood Bus Tours, Walk Of Fame And Of Coarse The Chinese Theater }

5. Take A Stroll To One Of L.A’s Famous Cupcake Shops

{ Ex: This Could Be Sprinkles Cupcakes, Georgetown Cupcakes, or Crumbs }

 6. You’re Probably Seeing Those Hidden Doors? Those Are Clubs! GO!

{ Ex: Hyde Lounge, Playhouse Hollywood, Avalon }

 7.  Want To Drive A Bit? Go To A Beach City- BUT! Prepare For Traffic!

{ Ex: Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Laguna Beach }


7 Things To Do In Los Angeles On A Weekend | Weekend Freebie

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