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7 Smart Travel Packing Hacks That Will Make You Go A-Ha!

By Juliet Siu @Lacenruffles
7 Smart Travel Packing Hacks That Will Make You Go A-Ha!

Everyone seems to have a friend who's a bit of a life hack queen. Because there are simply way too many clever hacks in life that you haven't stumbled across just yet. Sadly, I'm not exactly one of those life hack know-it-all gurus. But when it comes to jet-setting and packing for travels, I'm proud to say I've picked up a smart hack or two from my mum who's also a globetrotter.

So when the team at Bags To Go asked if I'd like to share my best packing hacks for the coming holiday travel season, I jumped right on board and thought why not? Here're my 7 packing hacks that I live by and will surely make you go A-HA! You can thank me later, girlfriend.

7 Smart Travel Packing Hacks That Will Make You Go A-Ha!

1 ♠ Wrap delicate items in a scarf

7 Smart Travel Packing Hacks That Will Make You Go A-Ha!

Chances are that you'll fly home with some delicate items that you pick up on your travel. This is when the oversized scarf that I keep in my carry-on bag for the flights comes in super handy! Wrap anything fragile such as like glass bottles, tea cups and perfumes with a large scarf for cushioning and protection.

2 ♠ Wrap blazers in a silk scarf

Want to pack that chic blazer in your suitcase but doesn't want the wrinkle or the hassle to iron it when you arrive at your destination? Seriously, who's got time for that while on holiday? A silk scarf is your best buddy. Wrap clothing items such as blazers and suit pants that can wrinkle easily with a large silk scarf to prevent them from creasing - it works miracle I promise ( I also blogged about it here in my 'travel styling tips' post)! Bonus tips: Hang your blazer in the hotel bathroom while you're having a shower. The steam that comes out works like a clothes steamer to smooth wrinkles!

3 ♣ Keep collars in shape with a belt

7 Smart Travel Packing Hacks That Will Make You Go A-Ha!

Yep I know - at times we all still want to look posh while we travel, especially when we have important occasions such as wedding parties to attend overseas. To keep your shirts show-ready once you arrive, apart from wrapping it in a silk scarf, roll a belt inside the collar to prevent it from creasing - it's really that simple!

4 ♣ Keep small and loose items in multiple packing cubes

7 Smart Travel Packing Hacks That Will Make You Go A-Ha!

I'm obsessed with packing cubes of various sizes! I remembered I had an inspector at the custom comment on the ridiculous number of pouches in my suitcase. I have to admit loose items in suitcase drive me absolutely insane. Packing cubes are my saviours and I tend to pick pouches and cubes in different colours so that I can easily recognise which one is for which.

Categorise loose items such as chargers, amenities, jewelries, underwear and medication in packing cubes. Label them if you tend to be too forgetful. I swear this hack will make packing and unpacking for a multi-legs journey a much more hassle-free one!

5 ♣ Pack an extra carry-on bag

7 Smart Travel Packing Hacks That Will Make You Go A-Ha!

Let's face it, ladies. How many times have your underestimated the amount of shopping you could do while travelling? I'm SO guilty of it and I've had too many occasions when I had to purchase a small suitcase at the destination to carry all my new found treasures home. These days I always pack a lightweight carry-on bag for all those shopping hunt - you never know when you need it! Make sure you pack one that's foldable and with zip lock as you can check it in if you haven't exceeded your luggage allowance. Because nothing can ever stop us from shopping spree!

♣ Pack multi-use beauty products

7 Smart Travel Packing Hacks That Will Make You Go A-Ha!

Any multi-use beauty product is always a girl's best friend! Not that it only saves precious space in your suitcase, a multi-use product also cuts down the time that you need to spend in the morning to get yourself selfie-ready. My go-to travel beauty product is hands down my organic rosehip oil. I've championed about its 7 ah-mazing uses in my beauty routine in my previous post here! A tube that can be used as a highlighter, primer, moisturiser, hair conditioner and lip treatment - what not to love?

6 ♣ Pack sample sized amenities

7 Smart Travel Packing Hacks That Will Make You Go A-Ha!

I never feel ashamed to ask for a handful of sample sized products whenever I shop at the beauty counter, because I'll never have enough of them for my trips. Sample sized beauty products are just perfect for weekend or overnight getaways. You can also legally carry them on board in your carry-on bags if you don't check in your luggage as they're under 100ml.

7 ♣ Pack earth-friendly tote bags

Don't want to mix dirty clothes with the clean ones? I always throw mine in a lightweight eco tote bag. I also keep a few spare ones in my travel handbag as shopping bags so that I can say no to plastic bags and minimise my carbon footprint while travelling.

So tell me dear fellow travellettos, do you follow some of these packing hacks that I shared here? Have you found better ways to keep your chic dresses wrinkle-free, store loose items or carry those shopping gems home? Help a sister out for us all to travel smarter! Share your comments below and let's start the conversions!

Till next time. Stay adventurous.

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7 Smart Travel Packing Hacks That Will Make You Go A-Ha!
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