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6 Ways to De-stress Yourself in Job

By Telecolumnist @tele_columnist
So here I am with a new and latest post on and Important Issue that we are facing these days 9 Hours a Day. Stress at job stress due to work, lots of pend ency, falling timeline, increasing work-pressure.Now how to get rid of  this situation is the problem. These are the steps to get rid of stress it may be a launch of a Project, financial year closing or an important task for your team. lets talk about the issue and the solution of this problem.
1. Jot down things you have to do:- A Planned start of the day is the best way to make it successful. Queue up the work highest priority at the top followed by the lesser important tasks. Another suggestion which may break a popular belief that writing your tasks is a better option. But I suggest that type in your tasks is better than writing as you can sort and resort your tasks.
2. Enlist tasks which no one else can perform and it is your duty to complete it:- Usually this problem is with almost every working professional that they jot and plan the day well but suddenly colleague asked your help and you missed out your own work in helping them. You cannot ask Mark your colleague to complete your job as you only know how to perform it. You missed your time lines whereas Martha your colleague was able to complete her job due to you. And you faced the heat due to this. Now what is the solution is your next question. Should you be arrogant and start saying ""No"" to people on face. I say "NO" you can ask the colleague to wait while you perform the job which only you can perform. Whereas rest can be handled by other people while you are helping. This is possible when you know in your priority list which jobs only you can perform.
3. Delegation sometimes even with half heart can save your day:- One task you love to do can be performed   by your colleague Philip as well. But you love to do it and hence you loose precious time for other tasks. Now you have to put some tasks for delegation in planner. Because a day has only 24 hours and you have to finish old and new tasks in these 24 Hours Only. Which is not possible. Hence delegation is required for you to move ahead in your career and share your work load to de-stress.
4. Saying No:- A book is written on this topic "Don't Say Yes when you want to say No" so you need to understand when you want to say No. So you have to understand your limit and hence say No sometimes to few things. It seams a bit arrogant but the point here is that if you say No you have done two things. First you made yourself relieved from the pressure of your new responsibilities dragging your old responsibilities. No point working on two tasks when you are unable to concentrate none of them.
5. Medium Non-Urgent:- Some tasks are important but are non-urgent. Which means that some other tasks require your more attention because they are both Urgent as well as important.
6. Ask for Help Don't Hesitate:- There is no harm in asking for Help as you feel distressed if you seek someone's advice in performing your job. Because it makes you feel relaxed as you are not alone performing it. Someone else is also helping you out.
Next time you feel stressed in a day just follow these steps and you feel yourself relieved and refreshed.

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