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How to Save Yourself of Copyright Violation!!

Posted on the 23 December 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist

This is quiet interesting topic to talk about because there are million  bloggers, content writers who face a sudden stroke in blue for a beloved post that they wrote few days back is hit with a copyright action by . If you are both amazed as a newbie of this topic or has felt the grunt of such action and want to get rid from this, please read this post ahead.

Usually the action taken by Google is Justified & best to both the appealing and appealed parties, obviously the one who wrote the content first is the owner of the copy write of that content. And the second party has to remove the content or Google will remove it from its search results. There are many a instance in the past which raised questions over this action but Google always has reassured (Actually took some finer steps) to its appealers of justice.

When a complaint is registered and it is established that content is copied from other website which has designed the whole content with its ownership and now is complaining of copyright action with Google connects to offender and send it to offender a mailer stating copyright violation and the link which violates the same. Post 2nd reminder if the offender don’t revert to the mail nor removes content from the said link, Google removes link from its search engine.

So click on the Link for my curious reader/blogger friends where you can take hands on whether they have any website listed with copyright violation and check for other biggies the number of copyright complaints and the action taken. Screen shot of my website is as below, the logic behind this 404 error means

“Yippee!!!! your website have no copyright violations.”

or could have used a more decent/professional output

“Congratulations on a cleaner Website/URL.”


but until and unless or fellow Googlers observes and changes you have to bear the grunt of broken Robot sharing your happiness. Anyways moving ahead on how to check your website you have to change the URL with one you are looking for just put in the name of the website and the extension and you are here.

If you think whom to thank for this fantastic URL you can reach out to these guys.


To avoid copyright violation first Write Legitimate and your own content or a content idea can be duplicate but only if explained in your own flavor with thoughts, inputs and research of ones own to enrich the whole Content Idea.


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