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6 Things Top Wedding Planners Know About Their Brides That Help Them Attract New Clients

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

6 Things Top Wedding Planners Know About Their Brides That Help Them Attract New Clients

Top wedding planners take the time to analyze the brides whom they have served to learn how to attract new clients, create the services they will buy, and to provide excellent customer service. You may have just started your business but you can still analyze the clients you have had and learn information that will help you be more successful.

With the brides you have helped in mind, answer these 6 questions so you’ll know how to attract more business:

1) Who were they?

You will see that, for the most part, your brides had the same or similar level of education, profession, age, and background. This information will help you confirm your niche and craft your marketing message.

2) How did they find you?

If they found you through your place of worship, that will tell you that you need to spend more time getting to know people there. If they found you online, through your blog or on Facebook, make sure you focus more time and energy marketing your services on those sites. Determine the marketing method that is working for you and use it.

3) What made them choose you as their wedding planner?

It might have been the services you offer, your experience, your credentials, or maybe it was your style and personality. Your answer to this question will help you write your marketing materials to target what is important to your potential clients.

4) Who paid for your services?

Often the person who pays you has the most decision-making power. You may find that you must appeal not only to your brides but also other relatives or the grooms who are paying for the weddings.

5) What services did they purchase from you?

If one or two of your services have been very popular with your brides, make sure you promote these services in your marketing. These should be services that are profitable for you. You won’t stay in business if your services aren’t making you any money.

6) What new services can you offer that would be of great benefit to the brides you attract?

When working with your brides you no doubt offered valuable assistance that you might not have known they wanted before you met. It could be as simple as helping busy brides find the place to purchase the perfect gifts for their bridesmaids. Whatever you find it to be, offer the service and promote it.

Taking the time to analyze your brides will help you effectively market your business and save you from wasting time, energy and money on things that don’t work.

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