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#5 WC Canada: Courtney Wins Junior Women Race

Posted on the 10 August 2013 by Worldxcmtb @worldxcmtb
#5 WC Canada: Courtney wins Junior women race

(google translate)The junior women's race saw a very low participation with very few girls at the street view of the almost total absence of female athletes in Europe. He finally won the American Kate Courtney, however 6th in the UCI rankings and third in the first Cup race, in front of Ukraine Dina Gordiuk and Canadian Rachel Pageau.
1.    COURTNEY Kate     USA19951029     UNITED STATES OF AMERICA     1:10:49
2.    GORDIUK Dina     UKR19950119     UKRAINE     +45
3.    PAGEAU Rachel     CAN19950801     CANADA     +1:22
4.    TREMBLAY Anne-Julie     CAN19960131     CANADA     +2:36
5.    LEWIS Marine     CAN19961014     CANADA     +3:14
6.    BLEVINS Kaylee     USA19951126     UNITED STATES OF AMERICA     +3:51
7.    APRIL Gabrielle     CAN19951015     CANADA     +3:51
8.    BERNIER Alexandra     CAN19950604     CANADA - B     +8:33
9.    TREMBLAY Stéphanie     CAN19950427     CANADA - B     +9:07
10.    DOSTIE-MENARD Sarah-Claudie     CAN19950914     CANADA     +10:48


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