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5 Beauty Hacks Which You Can Do With Your Tooth Brush

By Ritujain
A tooth brush is one tool that we all use twice or at least once daily to clean our teeth. However most of us don't know that there are various other beauty related uses which a tooth brush can be put to. Here are top 5 of all those ways in which a tooth brush can serve to be an inexpensive multi-tasking beauty tool:
To Scrub the Lips: Dry, chapped and pigmented lips not only look bad but also are painful at times. Hence it is very important to get rid of that dead skin which makes your lips look ugly. A tooth brush can be easily used to scrub away the dead skin cells on the lips which start to slough off on their own and make the lips look dry and chapped. To do so, gently rub a soft tooth brush on your lips in circular motions after you have just brushed your teeth (because your lips are already moist by then) and wash off the dead skin cells and apply some lip balm or petroleum jelly to have those youthful and pink baby lips.
To do back-combing or teasing of hair to add extra volume- We all love voluminous hair but everyone is not blessed to have those. For all those who have sparse hair, back-combing or hair-teasing does the job. However, to tease the hair nicely you need to have thin-toothed special combs/brushes which are hard to find and can be expensive too. A tooth brush comes to rescue then. A medium to hard toothbrush with a flat top does the job better than any special combs designed especially to tease the hair. Just move it up and down your hair by taking small sections of hair at a time and keep repeating this process until you are satisfied with the volume of your hair.
To tame the hair that fly away- If you also hate those flyaways which stop you from achieving sleek hair looks then again a tooth brush can help you. Just take a clean toothbrush, spray it with some hair spray and run it gently through your hair and put those flyaways to rest and rock your sleek and gleamy hairstyles. A tooth brush does this job better than a specially designed comb would do for such purpose.
Clean interdigital spaces and nails- you need not to buy special mani-pedi brushes if you have a clean toothbrush handy. Just pick up an inexpensive clean toothbrush to clean the spaces between your fingers and toes. A toothbrush can also be used to clean dirt under the nails and trust me it does a much better job than special mani-pedi brushes because I have used both and seen the difference. A tooth brush is more easy to handle and removes every dirt residue from in between your toes and also removes dead skin cells.
Apply henna/oil to the roots of hair- the last and perhaps the most common beauty related use of a toothbrush is to apply hair packs , hair-colours and hair-oils to the roots of hair. Just grab a clean toothbrush and load it with the product you want to apply to the roots of your hair and run it through your tresses. It makes the task much easier and quicker.
These are my most favorite top 5 ways in which I use a tooth brush apart from cleaning my teeth. Do you know about any other way in which a tooth brush can help ? Do let me know in the comments.

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