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4 Sets of Goals, 2 Workouts and Half A Pull-Up!

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good afternoon Beautiful,Last night I decided to take the night off. Completely off, I wasn’t on my laptop, I wasn’t on my iPad, I cooked dinner, did laundry, watched Dexter with C and tried to finish reading my book, LA Candy. It was bittersweet because it was so nice to not look at a screen, or have to write or network, but I wanted to! I felt bad not writing because I did workout yesterday! I wanted to share my day with everyone, but I just felt like I wanted to take the night off. And it was nice, but now I’m back in action!

4 Sets of Goals, 2 Workouts and Half A Pull-Up!

This was part of dinner last night! Mmm.

You all know how much I love food journaling. I have a food journal that I take with me everywhere, and lately I’ve been really strict with writing down everything I put into my body, and I’ve been doing well! I’ve been preparing all of my own food including all whole, good foods and nothing processed. I’ve been drinking about 3 litres of water through my work day every day, and I’ve been weighing and measuring all of my meals. I guess it’s been paying off because today I found out I’ve lost another .4% body fat. I’m not a big person, I mean, I’m tall, but I’m not bulky so losing fat is hard for me to do, I was so excited to see this! It’s only .4%, but it’s something, and I’m THAT much closer to my goal.Speaking of goals, I told you that I’d be sharing some important goals with you guys, and I think I’m ready to be held accountable for them! I’m not going to go into super detail about how I plan on achieving these goals, but I do have it all plotted down, I’ve set SMART goals for myself and I’ll be looking at these every day. I’ve put my goals into different categories:Work Goals
- I will get a raise this year, I have a figure in my mind, but I don’t need to share that with you all! As well as a figure in my mind for the bonuses I will be getting this year.
- I will be figuring out where I want to be and what I want to do long term by December 31, 2012.
Personal Goals
- I want to complete a certification course at George Brown College in Special Event Operations Management.  I’ve been researching it and I am so interested in doing it, just for ME… and the fact that I find event planning so interesting. I’d like to have the certification by December 31, 2014.
- Grow out my hair and go blonde again. I know this is a fairly lame goal, but my hair is fried from me using a flat iron basically every day for the past...... 8 years? I've stopped flat ironing unless I'm doing something special, and I'm using a bunch of products to help restore my hair. I will also be going back to my blond self in the meantime!
Fitness Goals- I have a certain % body fat that I will be at by December 31, 2012.
- Start going to CrossFit more often. I’m going to start by purchasing a 10-class pass, and my goal is to do my first full WOD at my CrossFit gym (I’ve done full WODs many times, but on my own… it’s a lot different in an actual CrossFit setting).
- Consider whether or not I want to train for another half marathon in 2013.
- Complete 3 bodyweight dips by December 31, 2012.
- Complete 1 full pull-up at bodyweight by December 31, 2012.
- Stop eating take-out food, only eat foods that I prepare for myself for the next two months (baby steps… this also includes not being jealous/pissed if C orders take-out because this is MY goal and I’m the only one that can make these decisions for me).
- Quit drinking during the week.
- Continue playing beach volleyball every week, indoor beach in the cooler seasons.
Financial Goals
- Quit using my credit card. I want to be able to have my credit card only for emergencies. First goal, pay the DAMN thing off! It’s been too long, it needs to go.
- Stop eating out (again) because making my own food saves me money and is a lot healthier.
- Figure out how to earn some extra income somehow. This I haven’t completely thought through… I’m working on it! I might want to take a TRX Instructor course, we’ll see.
- Continue saving as much money as I am for the next couple months, and as of September I’m going to increase my savings. Another reason to pay off my credit card NOW.. more money to save!
AHHH – so it’s official. These are my goals. I have them saved on my computer, and I need to somehow put these things onto the background of my computer so I stare at it every day, reminding me where I want to be, and what is important to me. I’m going to do monthly updates on these goals because if I don’t I know I won’t feel accountable, and I want to reach my goals! It’s the best feeling in the world to achieve a goal!Let’s get to the fun stuff… Yesterdays workout was:
50 squats holding 2x 10lbs dumbbells
50 lunges holding 2x 10lbs dumbbells
50 plié squats holding 1x 20lbs dumbbell
Leg extension at 85lbs, 2 sets, 10 reps
Leg curl at 100lbs, 2 sets, 10 reps
Leg Press at 170lbs, 2 sets, 12 reps
20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical, level 5, 3kmI had planned on doing 100 of each of the first three exercises, but it turns out my legs were a lot more tired and sore from TRX than I had thought and I could only get through 5 sets instead of 10. And today’s workout! It was…Lat pulldown at 60lbs, 3 sets, 10 reps
Dumbbell One Arm Row at 22.5lbs, 3 sets, 10 reps
Cable Lat Pulldown at 5lbs, 2 sets, 10 reps
Lateral Shoulder Raises at 50lbs, 2 sets, 10 reps
Assisted Pull-Up at 70lbs of help (so I was pulling 80lbs), 2 sets, 8 reps
Assisted Dips at 50lbs of help (I was dipping 100lbs), 2 sets, 8 reps
Cable Bicep Curl at 25lbs with a 15lbs bar (40lbs total), 2 sets, 10 reps
15 minutes of cardio, running on the treadmill at 6.0 the whole time, ran 1.5 miles. I was a bit nervous to start running again. I know I have ran before but it was a warm-up, not an actual “run”. It felt amazing. I opted for no music, to leave me with just my thoughts and the tv screen (it was too hot to run outside today. I also learned that Sidney Crosby signed a 12 year contract with the Penguins for $104.4 million dollars….). I had no shin pain and it was great. There was a time when I thought I was starting to feel some pain, but I kept running and it wasn’t anything except my mind looking for pain. I haven’t ran in a long time (since my half-marathon) so my legs are feeling a bit shaky now! But I’m so glad to finally have the feeling of being able to run again! Also, I would like to let you know that when I was playing around talking to a friend of mine in the gym, I jumped up and held onto the TRX frame and attempted a pull up. I’ve tried these before and at full extension, I could barely make a bend in my elbows. Well yesterday, I did this and (from what I remember… this might be in my head, not reality) got almost a 90degree bend in my elbow. HALF A PULL UP! A real pull up too, full body weight! I was so excited for this… It’s almost the long weekend, do you have any fitness goals for this weekend? Healthy meals? Less drinking? Mine is to make all of my own food. Weekends are my downfall so this is my first weekend of really trying to stick to my diet. Tell me your goal… you’ll be more likely to succeed, I promise!Stay sweet.
PS - This is what I came up with for my computer background... neat huh?
4 Sets of Goals, 2 Workouts and Half A Pull-Up!

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