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3D Nail Decoration Powder Review

By Philamazan @philamazan
3D Nail Decoration Powder Review Lately i've shifted my attention from stamping to Moldings.But OMG!!!! i salute all those ladies who can create these 3D designs using molds.Its so tough.Everytime i try to make it have clean edges ,i never succeed.The acrylic liquid dries up super fast and you have to be really efficient.So i guess i need a lot more practice.Anyway, i got these acrylic powder from
3D Nail Decoration Powder Review PACKAGE-This acrylic powder set contains 15 colors.I think its a lot since i'm a beginner and love to experiment with different shades.But if you are a pro then this might not be enough for you as the quantity is very less.Then you should get the bigger bottles that contain individual color.
AVAILABLE at KKcenterhk.comLINK HEREPRICE-$26.073D Nail Decoration Powder Review I made this bows using the bow mold.They were the only ones that came out nice.I had to try like a gazillion times :pI love the tiny details the bow has.3D Nail Decoration Powder Review The good thing is this 3D stickers can also be used as decorations for phones.3D Nail Decoration Powder ReviewThis one was wayyyyy tougher to make.Everytime i did the stem broke lolAnd i'm like "WHATTTTT!!!"Phew ! i doubt i'll be making any of this for a long time.I'll put up the NOTDs in a separate post for the MOLDS.3D Nail Decoration Powder ReviewHAVE YOU TRIED WORKING WITH MOLDS?DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR ME?

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