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3B's Sticks to Cadbury This Easter

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
Cadbury EasterThis Easter we vowed to not go overboard on the chocolate as we knew they would receive more then enough from family and friends; and we were spot on with that! 
3B's Sticks to Cadbury This Easter
I also vowed this year I would stick to what I knew and not just get Easter chocolate that was cute or was character the girls liked. I have learnt over the years these don’t taste very nice and don’t even cut it for cooking and desserts. So I stuck to my absolute childhood favorite and that being Cadbury as I thought it would be great to pair it up for the Cadbury Good Friday Hunt at the Werribee mansion. Before I touch base on what the girls received from the Easter Bunny and how we spent our Easter (which this year was awesome and will change how we spend Easter forever) I thought I would let you know about the Cadbury Good Friday Hunt this year. 
3B's Sticks to Cadbury This EasterHayley Hunting
3B's Sticks to Cadbury This EasterMadison Hunting
Hayley has been doing this hunt for three years and this was Madison’s second attempt at getting her bucket filled up with chocolate. It was a little different this year though as it was Hayley’s first attempt at going in this hunt alone, and I knew she wouldn’t do so great. Hayley is not competitive and will allow other kids to walk all over her (literally) and she just plodded along and collected eggs at her own pace. Where as the other kids in this hunt were all guns blazing and the boys being boys were quite rough. The helpers though need to be commended though as they filled Hayley’s bucket to the brim with chocolate from the box to make sure she walked out of the pen with a giant smile on her face. 
3B's Sticks to Cadbury This EasterHayley's Collection3B's Sticks to Cadbury This EasterMadison With Her Collection
It is so funny to see the differences in the age groups, with Madison in the three year old they are so innocent and take ten minutes to collect eggs and even help the other little kids in collecting. Where as in the older ones, if you drop an egg it’s gone and another kid is quick to scoop it up- the joys of being a child. 
3B's Sticks to Cadbury This EasterHanging to get out there
Cadbury’s Good Friday Easter Egg hunt is always a great day out and I encourage anybody who is going to take along some camp chairs a picnic rug and of course a picnic. But if you don’t bring in food and drinks, you can rest easy as there is plenty to pick from there at a good price to. 
3B's Sticks to Cadbury This EasterMadison and her Daddy before her hunt
We spend the whole morning and lunch here and leave around 2pm before the mad rush heads out, so we can avoid traffic and tantrums- plus Mummy and Daddy are buggered by 1pm. 
3B's Sticks to Cadbury This EasterThe Girls on The Dragon Rollercoaster
The only thing this year I would say was a little disappointing was the entertainment as it wasn’t as kid focused- well not little kid focused and was more for older kids and adults. My girls almost died when the Kylie Minogue tribute show came on and there were men in nothing but feathers and underwear and ladies wearing “bikini’s” as my girls called them.But after the Cadbury Good Friday Easter we had to head straight home and pack for our Easter Adventure. We did plan to leave the following day on Saturday for a road trip to Adelaide as the family are very much explorers. We thought it would be fun to mix things up these Easter Holidays and take advantage of Mr M’s time off, now we will be doing it every single Easter break. So go to Saturday and we were making progress through Victoria and had crossed the border into South Australia when we decided to find a nice spot on the water to set up camp for the night.  We watched the sunset over the lake and then went to bed, as the girls were eager to get to sleep so the Easter bunny could pay them a visit. Hayley did send an email to the Easter bunny to let him know we wouldn’t be home and to look our for Daddies green car JNot too hard to miss in my opinion.  
3B's Sticks to Cadbury This EasterBarely awake, but super excited none the less
The girls woke up in the morning to a knock on the window and opened the door to find a trial of eggs to a cute little stash. It looked like the Easter Bunny had done a little dance around the fire to warm up and then ducked off to the other kiddies. 
3B's Sticks to Cadbury This EasterThe lookout from the car3B's Sticks to Cadbury This EasterChocolate everywhere!! 
Hayley and Madison were more then happy with their Cadbury stash and this also meant some yummy chocolate treats for the remainder of the car trip to Adelaide. Some of the chocolate we had this Easter were: Cadbury Crème EggsCadbury Mixed EggsCadbury Easter Bunnies
3B's Sticks to Cadbury This EasterAnd my favorite the Cadbury Easter Hunt kit, which I think every single family, needs to try out. The kit comes with three baskets you make yourself, an activity book and then also a mixture of eggs. These were more then enough to give out to three kids and let’s say add in another chocolate bunny on top. 
3B's Sticks to Cadbury This Easter
The smiles Cadbury brought to my girls faces were priceless and I will never forget the moment they laid them out on the picnic rug and laid with their eggs- bless their innocent souls JHow did you spend your Easter?

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