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30 Days of Networking: Days 16-20

Posted on the 07 October 2011 by Classycareergirl @classycareer
Don’t just sit there, it’s time to kick yourself in gear and start connecting!  (Here are Networking Days 1-5Networking Days 6-10 and Networking Days 11-15).
  • Day 16: Write in your journal about what you have learned so far.   Review your goals from the beginning of the challenge and see how you are doing.  Do you need to meet with more people in the next 15 days or can you pat yourself on the back and relax?
  • Day 17: Go back to your college and find alumni contacts. Stop by your college or call your college career center to find out where you can find a list of alumni contact information that you can set up informational interviews with.  People always want to help others that they have something in common with.
  • Day 18: Try a new social activity. Join a sports team after work, take up a new hobby where you get to meet other people or or attend a new church.  Whatever you do, make new connections!
  • Day 19: Plan ahead for your 4 X 4 for next month.  The secret to succeeding in this challenge is planning AHEAD of time.  If you plan out NOW who you are going to meet next month, you will easily meet with 8 people and enjoy it because you won’t be stressed.  So take out that journal, make a plan and start emailing your growing network!
  • Day 20: Check back in with the person who is holding you accountable and review your goals.  Seek advice and be honest!

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” -William Plomer

How do you find time to network?

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