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30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 3 Your Hairstyle

By Tokkiandoliver @tokkiandoliver
Disclaimer: I am heavily medicated on nyquil and fighting this nasty cold.  Having said that, I am not responsible for any weird nonsense that might be posted in today's post.  :)So shall we begin? lol
Day 3 and I am here to show you my hairstyle.
You don't want to see my hair today, because I'm a hot mess from this nasty bug.  Luckily a few days ago when I was doing my FOTD, there was photo  that I didn't use that actually shows you my hairstyle. 
Here's the history regarding my love/hate relationship with my hair.  Well, about 3 years ago, I decided that I was going to stop dying my hair.  I had all the colours of the rainbow when I was young, and I could start to feel the effects on my hair texture.  So last February, I cut my hair really short into a bob, and since then have been playing around with it.  I am now doing an asymmetric bob that is longer on the left side, and super short in the back.
I have a round face, so I'm always looking for my hair to frame my face to make it appear slimmer.  I don't think it works, but it's technically suppose too lol.
I'm one of those girls that don't fuss much with the hair.  At age 18-20, I use to wear extensions, but now I honestly just can't bother.  I just want my hair to be healthy, shiny, and easy to work with.  It is very black right now, my natural color is actually a dark brown, but I dye it black because I love that stark blue black color.
30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 3 Your Hairstyle 
I would show you guys the back but honestly, the last girl who cut it cut it way too freaking short that I'm really not happy with the way the back looks, once it grows out I'll feel happier, but right now I hate it a bit :/  but I don't cry over spilled grows back so I dried my tears pretty quickly.  I honestly just wish I could find a hair style here in Ipswich that I like :(  (any recommendations?)
Sorry I couldn't show you all angles of my hair, but I'm feeling so ill right now and need to go and lay down.  What a waste of a day really? I got no work done, and I'm just feeling bleh.  I hope I feel better tomorrow with another installment of the 30 day beauty challenge.  See you tomorrow xx

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