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3 Big Health Myths Exposed!

By Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove

3 Big Health Myths Exposed!

Myth #1: Increased sun exposure increases your risk for cancer.

Actually, logging more hours of fun under the sun actually decreases your risk of developing cancer.  A study conducted on 49, 261 women in Sweden found that women who spent more time sunbathing had a greatly reduced chance of developing lung cancer and breast cancer.  Numerous studies have found that increased levels of vitamin D in the blood (produced upon exposure to the sun) reduce the risk of all types of cancer.

Myth #2: Saturated fat (primarily found in red meat, cheese, and coconut) increases your risk of developing cancer.

Saturated fat has never been found to cause cancer.  However, polyunsaturated fat (found primarily in nuts, seeds, and the oils obtained from those foods), as well as monounsaturated fat (found in olive oil, macadamia nut oil, and avocados) have both been found to raise your risk for developing breast cancer.  Another interesting study found that coconut and red chilis might be protective against colon cancer.

Myth #3: Coffee is bad for your health.

Coffee lovers and caffeine fiends, rejoice!  Coffee and caffeine have both been found to possess health-promoting properties that usually outweigh any risks.  (The same cannot be said for alcohol, which is probably riskier than beneficial.)  One study found that women who drank coffee had much less incidence of stroke than women who drank little to no coffee.  Also, people who drank around 200 – 300 mg of caffeine per day in a case-controlled study did not develop Alzheimer’s Disease.  Study participants who did develop Alzheimer’s had a history of not drinking much caffeine, if at all.

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By momfromwi
posted on 25 May at 19:20
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Actually sun exposure does increase your chance of getting cancer - skin cancer. My fair skin and I had lots of fun in the sun as a kid, teen, and young adult. I rarely used sunscreen. At age 40 I was diagnosed with melanoma; thankfully I caught it early. The sun may be good for vitamin D absorption, but if your fair skinned or genetically predisposed to getting skin cancer, you must use sunscreen and/or sun protective clothing.