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229: Fixing Technical Problems in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Computers and their associated software are the mainstay of office working life—in fact, it’s hard to imagine how we managed to work without them! Yet, now and then, malfunctions occur and this may be with the hardware or, more likely, the software which is susceptible to virus or malware applications. Then, just who do you turn to in order to solve the problems you are encountering—more than likely the IT department!

In this Podcast, you will learn:

1) How to ask for help if your computer is not functioning well

2) To explain about the problems your computer is experiencing


A colleague seeks help from the IT person:


(Zài bàn gōng shì)

(in the office)

A: 小张,对不起啊,又要麻烦你了。我的电脑最近运行特别慢,老死机,软件也老出错,今天早上刚做完的文件也莫名其妙找不到了。你快帮我看看。

A: Xiǎo Zhāng, duì bù qǐ a, yòu yào má fan nǐ le. Wǒ de diàn nǎo zuì jìn yùn xíng tè bié màn, lǎo sǐ jī, ruǎn jiàn yě lǎo chū cuò, jīn tiān zǎo shang gāng zuò wán de wén jiàn yě mò míng qí miào zhǎo bù dào le. Nǐ kuài bāng wǒ kàn kàn.

Xiao Zhang, sorry to bother you again. My computer has recently run particularly slow, always crashes, and the software also malfunctions. The document I just finished this morning inexplicably cannot now be found. Please help me to check it.

B: 丽姐,你太客气了。你的电脑啊,就是杀毒软件没有及时更新,现在中病毒了。要升级杀毒软件,然后全面杀毒。以后记得把重要文件在公司云端做个备份。

B: Lì jiě, nǐ tài kè qì le. Nǐ de diàn nǎo a, jiù shì shā dú ruǎn jiàn méi yǒu jí shí gēng xīn, xiàn zài zhòng bìng dú le. Yào shēng jí shā dú ruǎn jiàn, rán hòu quán miàn shā dú. Yǐ hòu jì dé bǎ zhòng yào wén jiàn zài gōng sī yún duān zuò gè bèi fèn.

Sister Li, you are quite welcome. The problem with your computer is that the antivirus software has not been updated, and your computer has been attacked by a virus. We need to upgrade the antivirus software and then scan and remove the virus comprehensively. Remember to back up your important documents in the company cloud in the future.

A: 好好好。看来以后我得注意多维护电脑了。

A: Hǎo hǎo hǎo. Kàn lái yǐ hòu wǒ děi zhù yì duō wéi hù diàn nǎo le.

Alright, alright. It seems that I have to pay more attention to the maintenance of my computer from now on.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:






老:always, usually

死机:break down, crash



今天早上:this morning

刚做完:just finished



找不到:cannot find

你快帮我看看:please check it for me

太客气:you are quite welcome

杀毒软件:antivirus software

及时:in time


中病毒:infected by virus


全面杀毒:remove the virus comprehensively

以后:from now on


重要文件:important document


云端:cloud services

做备份:back up

看来:it seems that

注意:pay attention to


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